I Need More Sleep

Letter from June 12, 2017

Dear Fam, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.  It’s been such a crazy busy week. The temperature right now is 91 so it’s a cooler day but we will be back to the high 100s later in the week. How does one transition to this weather?  Uou just accept the fact that you will sweat and its fine!

So an update on everyone.  William is doing really great! we met and read some of Alma 32 together and then asked what thing he felt he needed to work on to increase his faith.  He had some major concerns about prayer and that God didn’t hear his prayers or they weren’t good enough.  So we had a great discussion about prayer and he started saying prayers out loud and making them more of a “heart to heart” with Heavenly Father.  He said on Sunday that it really helped his prayers seem more meaningful just by saying the words out loud.  Amen to that.
We have had some interesting lessons with Chuck and Mary.  Turns out Mary has some crazy questions about the plan of salvation.  After teaching it to her she was very concerned and even scared by the thought of the plan because it did not guarantee that her family would be together forever.  We kept trying to explain that it was very much possible by simply living the gospel.  Afterwards Sister Holgerson gave a great insight. Elder Uchtdorf explained at conference that fear is the opposite of faith.  She might not have confidence or comfort in God’s plan yet because she doesn’t yet have faith in it.  It made me realize how important it is to just trust in the Lord that his plan for us will work rather than going through “what if” situations and stressing over what we cannot control!!
We spent Thursday and Friday in Tucson at the temple open house.  It was a whole different world up there.  The open house is crazy busy.  We spent a few hours each day in the reception area after the tour answering questions of those who had just finished the tour.  That was SO much fun!  At one point, a group that came through had questions and started asking me and before I knew it I had 7 or 8 people gathered around me in a circle asking questions!  It was insane!  Kind of a missionaries dream come true to just stand there and answer questions, although we couldn’t “proselyte” or try to invite them to do anything about what they felt.  Hopefully member friends will do that for us!
My highlight of working at the temple was when I saw someone who looked kinda familiar standing by the bathroom at the stake center.   I went up to her and BAM! I’m looking at KAYLA HANSEN.  hahaha, oh it was a joyous reunion with an old friend!  She was there with her friend who just happened to be my companion’s MTC investigator! haha, God has some pretty funny tender mercies.
Mark Pablo was baptized Saturday and confirmed Sunday and received the priesthood. He is a very happy man! and it was a touching baptism.  We are so proud of him, and hopefully his daughter Jasmine will be getting baptized in July!
Also we are in a trio right now! Whaaaat??? Sister Lund’s companion went home and so she is with us right now!  It is sure gonna be a party.  The poor girl is a trooper.  She will be having a service missionary with her during most days and then spending the night and mornings with us so that we can still have work happening in her area.
I would tell you funny stories from the week but I’m tired so I’ll send some pics.  Love ya fam.
Sister Packer

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