Rowchie Numchucks

Letter from June 27, 2016

Dear Family,

ROWCHIE NUMCHUCKS! I’m leaving Casas Adobes and also leaving Tucson. President is sending me down to Sierra Vista.  I literally had a tiny panic attack when we got the call I was getting transferred, but now I am excited.  So I will be headed to Sierra Vista tomorrow morning and my new companion will be Sister Brooks!  I am actually going to be killing her (aka she is going home after next transfer).  It should be fun!  I’m pumped to be in a new area and meet new people, but I’m going to miss my first area here and Sister Daun so much – she is a homie. 



You are never gonna believe what Sister Daun and I got to do this week.  WE WENT TO GIRLS CAMP!  Well okay it was just for one day but still!  We went up Friday morning to help out with their service project and then just got to hang out with the girls, and be there for the last night devotional and testimony meeting!  It was such a blessing that we went.  There were only three girls from our ward that went and interestingly, none of them are active members!!  So we had three less active girls up there and no active girls there to fellowship them- messed up!  They had those three girls combine with another ward because we were so small.  These girls didn’t even have a leader with them until Thursday night!!  When they saw that we came they just lit up and said- “Our missionaries came!” They didn’t even have a member of the bishopric come up for ward night so the extra love mean’t so much to them. 


One cool experience we had was with CoreyLynn. She was out in the woods looking for another girls pocket knife and we went to help her. We suggested saying a prayer and she didn’t want to,… but we are very insistent gals.  We said a prayer with her and literally five seconds later we found it.  So we said a prayer of gratitude and she ran off to give it to her friend.  Later that night we talked with this girl and found out she didn’t even know who Joseph Smith was and she doesn’t know how to pray.  What a blessing she had been able to see that afternoon how God answers prayers.  It was a cool experience that this girl definitely needed. 


Being up there with these three girls made me realize how important love is.  For them to feel God’s love and be loved all week made such a huge impact on them.  I think the most important thing we can do as members and as missionaries is help others feel God’s love.  Everything we teach comes back to that fundamental doctrine that God is our loving Heavenly Father.  Literally everything; tithing, word of wisdom, agency, EVERYTHING.  Our salvation is His work and His glory- He is an active participant in our lives.  It’s His love that changes us. 


It was a wonderful last week in Casas Adobes.  Yes it does cool off in the evenings- it gets into the 90s in the evenings! I actually experienced a sneak peek of monsoon season last night. A storm hit out of nowhere and we were walking from our car to an apartment and we were literally soaking wet.  IT WAS AWESOME! 

k love ya bye,  Sister Packer

PS – Tell Tristan and Corey hello for me and goodbye to Spencer Shull!!!

John and Yvette



Amanda Neufville and kids


You and I, We’re Made of Glass, We’d Never Last

Letter from 6/13/16

Dear Family,

We dropped a couple of investigators on Tuesday.  It was pretty hard because we love them so much but they just aren’t progressing.  Y- and G- say they believed the Book Of Mormon was truth but don’t understand exactly what that entails or care to explore further.  If the Book of Mormon is true, then Joseph Smith was a prophet, then we also have a prophet today, then this church really is Christ’s church again on the earth. And the principles of exercising our faith unto repentance and baptism as taught in the Book of Mormon are ‘ the gate by which we should enter’.  Sometimes we just want to stand up and yell- “hello this is salvation we are talking about! This isn’t just a church to go get some warm fuzzies. It is a church that becomes your eternal family and helps you progress to your salvation.  It is a BIG deal.  They told us that they have felt the spirit to know its true, but they just don’t want to do the Mormon thing. We have to respect that.

We also had to drop our sweet refugee family.  President brought Emmanuel to another lesson to translate for us. And things started out well.  However, after asking questions we began to realize that they don’t see our church as any different than the Catholic church they attend.  Despite our many efforts and prayers, they just don’t understand.  But I do have faith that they will one day.  They have a very strong love of their Father in Heaven and their brother , Jesus Christ.  Elizabeth told us how God carried her through the hardships that she and her family experienced in camps until they could make it to America.  God knows that and He will take care of them.  I really do think one day when they are more prepared temporally, they will be able to receive more spiritually.

I think the Lord knew that this would happen and so he has been helping us find new people to teach the past few weeks. It has definitely strengthened my testimony that he will bless us, if we are working hard.  Speaking of new investigators, the guy we met last Sunday R-?  We don’t get to teach him anymore, he relapsed!   And is no longer at the Cope Facility. We don’t even know where he is actually so… yeah… bye R-!

Okay last sad bit of news from the week, M- had to push back her Baptism! She is stuck in California taking care of some business for her mother and doesn’t know when she will be back. We think the baptism is going to end up being in July.  No worries though.  She is still as solid as ever and was very disappointed that she would have to wait longer to get baptized.

T- gave us some exciting news this week. We met with her Tuesday night and asked if she had been praying about a baptismal date. She had been but she wasn’t sure yet. Then Thursday we got a text from her- “I think July 23rd, is that alright?” Yes, Tammy that is more than alright! haha she is so funny she is always asking “oh is this okay?oh can I do this?”  Yes, Tammy you can still drink coke. Seeing her receive revelation was the coolest part though.  And she came to Stake Conference on Saturday. And she was overwhelmed when she walked in. Overwhelmed by all these mormons in one building, and why are there so many?!   But we got her sat down with the two nicest ladies in the ward and prayed and prayed that she would begin to feel comfortable and feel the spirit.  God answers prayers family. She LOVED the conference.  One speaker even brought tears to her eyes. 

I did get to experience what a trio would be like this week. Sister Quinonez spent a day with us while her companion went to MLC. It was pretty freaking fun and I wouldn’t mind being in a trio I decided! 

I don’t think I mentioned this last week, Sister Daun and I are in a competition with the Binghampton sisters. BIGGEST LOSER.  Actually not really, it kinda sucks.  We are trying to “diet” but we can’t because we don’t control our dinners at all. Haha, the second day we started we had a double dinner and we just about cried.  Anyway, at the end of our competition, whoever lost the most weight wins and the losers have to buy the winners cheesecake. Kinda counterproductive huh? 

We have also been helping this older lady in the ward, E-, move. She is such a hoot. She literally has a watch and set of jewlery for everyday and a different outfit for every day of the year. Being kind of weighed down by all her stuff, Sister Daun and I finally convinced her to go through it give some to the goodwill.  Haha so next time we came back she had one box.  Just one box.  She’s a fun lady.

Sounds like an interesting week in Idaho filled with s’mores… Miss you love you bye!

Sister Packer

From America’s Oven

Letter from June 20, 2016

And behold in the sixth month of the sixteenth year of the reign of Obama, Sister Packer and Sister Daun did sweat exceedingly.  Nevertheless, they did rejoice in the Lord for they knew that He would preserve them.  For by the sweat soaking their dresses and water that they chugged, were many brought to the knowledge of their God, and yea many were fully converted unto him that they might have everlasting life. 

Guys! We walked to our normal Sunday appointment with Krista yesterday…  in 118 degree weather.  It was not the smartest idea we have ever had.


We may have also had an incident this week which started with the best intentions of giving our apartment some color and ended with a broken chair. 

Sister Daun and I had to give a training this week in zone meeting.  I think we had one of the loudest trainings I’ve heard yet on the mission. When we got to the front we said “Garcia (one of the elders) hit it!” – and he started flipping the lights on and off and playing the song ‘get on your feet’ from my speaker. We got everybody up dancing and then we all yelled  “what do we want?”  Baptisms!  “How are we going to get them?” Working with members! and then high-fived everyone. Don’t worry though, after that we turned off the music and had a spiritual meeting. We also handed out gravy packets as “treats” for answering questions, it was super funny! 

We also had exchanges this week and I went out to Marana with Sister Cook. Did you know there actually are green fields in Arizona?!  Oh how sweet was the joy.  I felt like I was home again. 

This week we had a very cool experience with Tammy. We brought her to a baptism on Saturday.  We were able to explain the program and how it all runs. She loved it so much. She kept saying it was the most beautiful baptism she’d ever attended.  And she also loved how there were talks to explain what she would be doing because she plans on inviting a friend and she wants him to understand what she is doing!  How cool is she?  Well then Sunday rolled around and we called up Sister Schwartz and she tells us that during relief society Tammy asked her to be a speaker at her baptism. She asked if we put Tammy up to it but we hadn’t said anything about picking speakers! Tammy is just taking charge. It is so dope!

Last night we had a lesson planned with a new investigator, J-. We had sister St. Clair pick us up and we were so pumped but we drove out there and then he called and cancelled.  We were only bummed for a bout a .0123672 of a second and then decided to try a less active who lived close by.  I can definitely say, God wanted us there. She was ready for invitation and really wanted to take the missionary lessons again to prepare for the temple.  And we didn’t even realize that going to visit her was a prompting. We had been debating between two different directions to go and just made a decision. 

The lord really can direct our thoughts and guide his work, even when we don’t realize it. I know he is so aware of each one of us and that he is trying to guide each one of us back to him. I found a quote from Joseph Smith that really stuck out to me this week- “If men do not comprehend the character of God they do not comprehend themselves.” That sentence hit me so hard because its so true. When people think they are missing something, or are trying to find themselves, its often because they do not understand that they are a child of god and that he loves us. I have made a goal to make sure I help whoever I teach understand that and to feel his love. 

I hope everyone is doing well! Dad, Hope you had a great Father’s Day!!

Lots of Love, Sister Packer 

Thanks for the dresses, Edwina
Shaking hands with Elder Holland
The Huntington’s gave me the gift of Crunchy peanut butter.
With Sister Cook out in the boonies, Marana
Broke a chair in an effort to bring color to the wall.

IMG_0175 2

Week Full of Miracles

Letter from June 6, 2016

Hi fam!

 Okay so this week has been full of miracles. It seems like everyday we just look at each other and go holy cow thank you Heavenly Father!!  We met with Tammy Tuesday night. And she made us dinner! She was already on chapter 15 of the Book of Mormon. And this was her second lesson. Dang. She said a lot of her questions she had in the Catholic Church were answered as we taught her. It was very cool.  

Wednesday night we had an interesting experience. Wanna know what makes missionaries really feel the pressure when they teaching?  When the mission president is sitting in on the lesson!!! He came to our lesson with our Swahili family with a recent convert who speaks Swahili and was able to translate for us.  But it went well and they definitely understood way more than they ever have before.  The concept of the priesthood is clicking for them! FINALLY! That part of the gospel is so important. If they understand the priesthood they’ll understand why we are different from every other Christian church that says they are following Christ!  

IMG_0187 (1)

Our Thursday miracle was John. Yes sober John. We went to visit and introduce Sister Daun. And he told us about how God has just been raining down the blessings. He and Yvette were able to get a car, which they weren’t expecting. They have been trying to pay off debt from a surgery John had two years ago, and somehow it was paid off. He has no logical explanation of it!  John has almost finished reading the Book of Mormon.  He is a very analytical – critical person. He likes to see exactly how the puzzle fits together and why it fits. So he has always had a lot of concerns. But we committed him to pray about a baptismal date! Ahhhh yes! And he does want to be baptized. His biggest concern is that he won’t be able to keep the commitments he makes at baptism because he knows how important it is to promise God. How cool?!  He said he knows he has the faith now!  

We also became homies with the Tucson firemen. So we were biking to an appointment and we were running a little late so we were trying to get there fast. And when we got there they cancelled.  We were SO tired!  I thought Sister Daun was gonna faint. So we decided to just walk our bikes for a bit and who do we run into?  Only the fine men of the Tucson fire department. They gave us water and we took pics so it happened.  Also pretty sure one of them was baby Dwayne the Rock Johnson. And they told us we could come chill at the station and get water anytime we wanted.  


Sunday was the best though.  Krista got special permission to come. And then we went to  visit her and we met Roberto!  And he is also staying in the facility and he saw us and walked up to us and told us how he wants his life to change. We invited him into our lesson with Krista and the spirit freakin slapped us all in the face. He was so excited and he can’t wait for next Sunday when we come back, and so are we!  And then to make our Sunday even better we contacted these two people in ASL (american sign language)! Say whaaaa? Ya das right. And then called the ASL missionaries and got them down there and watched them teach them, it was so dope. The gospel really is for EVERYONE!


It doesn’t matter where they are at in life, what they doing, who they are, or what or how they speak. I love it so much. I don’t have much time today because we went to the Tucson zoo. The IF zoo needs to step up their game, that’s all I gotta say.

Love, Peace, Sister packer

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