The Creator is an Odd Duck?!

Letter from Nov. 28, 2016

Well, the creator is not an actual duck.  According to a guy we met this week though, he is an odd duck and I would agree that sometimes His ways seem odd, but God has a way of making things work out. It was a long week.  Not going to lie.  Holidays are hard because literally no one wants to meet with you… NOBODY.  Our district meeting was moved to Thursday so we could have a semi-productive day.  Typically after our meetings we all eat lunch together, but everything was closed because of Thanksgiving, so we ended up at Sonic… on Thanksgiving… yep.  Never going to forget this Thanksgiving! hahaha.  No worries we did enjoy a nice Thanksgiving meal with President Haw’s and his family (he’s the stake president in this area and lives in our ward)  We played a crazy animal game that involved animal signs, noises and lots of clapping… a regular homestyle get-together.  So Thanksgiving was still fun-filled!

Despite the slow week we still had some successes!  To start off I need to tell you three words: KEITH. DARLA. PIE. or in other words- MIRACLE. MIRACLE. MIRACLE.

It was in the middle of sacrament and I was saying a prayer to myself when Sister Ray smacks me (kinda hard but who can blame here she got excited), and whisper/shouted- KIETH IS HERE!!!! and there he was beard and all, in his dirty jeans and hoodie sitting all the way in the back.  Wow it was a miracle.  We decided about two weeks ago to kind of back off with Keith because he didn’t seem to want to keep any commitments.  So we aren’t sure what gave him the motivation to come.  He did manage to sneak out during the closing prayer so stay tuned for more Keith sightings next week.

We thought our day couldn’t get better.  It did.  The Hammond’s came to the church for the girls to get their baptism interviews sunday afternoon. Sierra went in first and Sister Ray and I were talking with Jordan about her day in primary when Jeff gets our attention. Darla was crying.  In between tears she said- could he do three interviews today? AHHHHHHHHHHHH!  We were so stunned we didn’t respond!  So she says again- guys I want to get baptized.  Finally we managed to choke out a “YES most likely!” and I had Sis Ray sit down and start going over interview questions with her while I called President. We had to get this one approved because we have a normal rule that someone needs to be living the word of wisdom two weeks prior to the baptism and she was starting right then only a week before the baptism.  President gave us the thumbs up on the terms that she starts now and clearly understands the “why” behind the word of wisdom.  I came out and Sister Ray and I discussed that with her. S he knows that it is for her body and her spirit to be spiritually clean and prepared for more guidance from the Lord. She knows that by following the commandments she can have the holy ghost with her and she said she is ready for this step. WOW WHAT A MIRACLE!  I get chills thinking about it.

I have enjoyed working with this family so much.  It is awesome to see the journey and progression that they have had together!  I know that the spirit has been working on Darla especially.  I remember the first time we were at their house and she told us she didn’t like our church meetings!  She has had such a sincere heart and real intent as she sought out answers.  Now she doesn’t care if our songs are more “serious” than her previous church. She says that she is ready to commit to the lord.  Please keep her in your prayers this week.

And the last miracle of all – PIE.  We received the funniest text from our ward mission leader this week which said- “sisters, the pie has arrived.” Of course we needed no further explanation – we went to his house and he gave us pie, and it was the best celebratory pie EVER!

Well I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving- we have so much to be grateful for!!  If you have not already watched the new Christmas video the church released, DO IT!  and commit to the Christmas initiative of 25 days of service. DO IT DO IT DO IT.  I think this initiative is inspired and it is an excellent way to share the gospel- share the video- share the love!!! DO IT DO IT DO IT.

Love, Sister Packer

The “blimp” above Sierra Vista


Happy Thanksgiving from Sonic!



The Bugs

Letter from November 21, 2016

This week Sister Ray and I got some weird stomach bug and it was just super fun!  Our digestive system has not been working right at all, apparently its been going around.  Whatever.  I think we’ve worked through it though, haha.  So sorry for the short email. We did not do as much as we usually do.  I did manage to give my companion a black eye though.   She was just really annoying me so i punched her.  Just kidding, it was actually a broom that gave her the black eye.  OK so I was holding the broom… She was standing behind me and I didn’t notice she was there and… oops!  

This week I also hunted for illegal foreigners coming across the mountains into Sierra Vista, USA.  We were at our ward mission leaders house one night and he got out all this gear and showed us his night vision scopes and stuff.  He showed us pictures he’s taken on his binoculars of people coming through.  It was really cool hi tech stuff.  Sadly, we didn’t spot anybody that night and i felt like the biggest creeper EVER.  If i was ever going to stalk someone, I would use his gear…

Branden got called as a ward missionary on Sunday which was awesome.  Best calling he could ask for to help him prepare for a mission (which by the way, he has also started attending mission prep). We had our last lesson with him this week.  Im gonna miss those lessons very much. 

Anyway, we invited Darla to be baptized this week and she said she isn’t quite ready yet. She is still needing to take “baby steps”.  She is reading the Book of Mormon!  Ah, anyway I’m looking forward to it finally being Christmas season.  The Christmas initiative will start the day after Thanksgiving- everybody go watch the video on because it is going to AWESOME!  I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and give lots of thanks.  I know this Thanksgiving I am grateful for my family and friends and grateful that I have this opportunity to serve the Lord.  I am grateful for my Savior.  I have been studying the New Testament lately and it has been so cool to read and understand more about the Savior’s life and see how simple He has made this gospel.  I know that it really is a gospel of love.   I LOVE YOU ALL.

Bye ✌️️💜  Sister Packer


In the Zone

November 14, 2016


 We went to zone conference Tuesday and had training on inspired questions, invitations to pray and really understanding needs.  We had a breakout session with just the sisters and Sister Passey had us all read this article I will send you and then we talked about our power as children of god.  IT WAS SO COOL.



 It prepared us so well for our lesson that was thirty minutes afterward with the Hammond’s.  We thought we would be teaching the girls. WRONG.  We got to teach Darla about the Book of Mormon.  It was such a good lesson and it was nothing we had planned but the Spirit definitely was there leading the whole thing.  Darla told us if she read the book with an expectation to get an answer and faith that she would that Heavenly Father would tell her if it’s true…. Darla you ever read moroni 10:4 before???? She can quote scripture without every having read it.  She’s on the right track, it’s so exciting.  Then when we saw her Sunday afternoon she told us that the lesson in gospel principles was on the priesthood. Apparently, she basically took over the class from asking A TON of questions. It’s great she feels so comfortable she can ask anything she has a question about and she got her answers!   Sierra and Jordan are still on schedule to be baptized on December 3rd- pray that Darla will find her answer and join them on that day!!!

Branden Clark texted us twice this week.  Both times with very exciting news.  The first time was at 12:30am, yes am,  Wednesday telling us Donald Trump was the winner and soon would be President of the United States.  Apparently he felt someone needed to let us know the outcome of all the presidential craziness immediately, hahaha.  Didn’t really need to hear that!  The second time he texted us was after he met with the bishop.  This time the news was great to hear……. he is soon to be ELDER CLARK. AHHHHHH!  He just started the paperwork but so happy he is taking this leap.

Besides that we had a really cool lesson about the restoration in the middle of this dirt road. James and Micheal just happened to be walking down it the same time we were- bad planning on their part – haha, anyway they are both recovering addicts and recently out of jail… haha as I’m putting into words I’m realizing this is sounding sketchy, but it wasn’t – we were safe. AND IT WAS AWESOME.  It was Sister Ray’s first street contact. hollllaaaa!  Two new investigators for the week.

Sister Ray and I knocked on the door of this part-member family this week.  The wife was deaf but we were able to at least make contact with her and ask if we could come back because it just so happens that we have an ASL elder in the area right now!  She was genuinely excited.  Heavenly Father is so aware of everyone’s needs and he honestly has perfect timing.

So disneyland this weekend?!  What the heck?! No fair! Well I will have to get excited for the Packer and Pocock reunions this summer!   I really am doing so well and I know it’s because of my Savior helping me.  It takes a lot of work.  Faith is action and power right? right!!!!

Love you, Sister Packer 

We took a hike up Ramsey Canyon with the Domato Fam.  It is actually Fall up in the hills.




Hump Day!

Letter from November 7, 2016                                                       

HUMP DAAAAAYYYYYY!  I’m officially halfway through my mission!!!! Holy Cow it’s crazy. I’m not sure how I feel about it.  It feels like forever ago that I stepped into the MTC but also it feels like time has flown by.  I have learned so much in the past 9 months and I am excited to see what will happen with the next 9.  Many adventures still to be had. 


What’s new in Sierra Vista?  NEW transfer.  NEW month.  NEW district.  New goals.  We got some new people to the district last week and that always fun.  Transfers are always exciting!  Oh yeah and soon we get a NEW president of these United States.  Who knows maybe the world will end.  Some of the signs are so great here in SV.  Check out this classy one:


Also NEW status update on Sierra and Jordan- they  have a baptism day picked out for December 3rd.  They came to Young Women’s in Excellence on Tuesday night for Sierra and got talking to Bishop Evershed and as it would turn out they are related!  Long last cousins or something!  So weird.  The ward has done a great job of welcoming this family in with open arms. 

Hereford ward also had some new visitors this week. Guess who’s back?  Back again?  THE THACKER FAMILY… kind of.  We haven’t started teaching them again but they have been talking with the Rawling’s who invited them to come back to church and so they did! 

We went and met this gal,  Amanda who is a total hippie and loves the good energy in the earth but was curious about religion.  It was a fun conversation!  We talked about the Holy Ghost and its “positive energy” lol, and she thought it made total sense! 

Sorry not much else to say this week!  Happy November, hope everyone begins this week with an attitude of gratitude.  I’m thankful for my Heavenly Father and how he reaches out in love towards me.  I’m thankful for my Savior, Jesus Christ and for his atonement. I know I am nothing without them and I’m so grateful I have the gospel to guide my life! 

Love you all, Sister Packer 

Our District