Collective Faith

Letter from February 27, 2017

Hi Family,

This month our zone has been focusing on finding more people to teach.  Last week was a terrible week and nobody hit their goals. So we had a discussion about it before district meeting as a zone and got everybody super stoked to hit our goal and this week has been INSANE.  Not necessarily for us, but collectively for everyone.  Our zone just broke the record of the number of new investigators found in one week! AH!  It’s been so crazy, everyone is on fire.  The coolest thing is seeing collective faith in action!  When we all exercise faith together we can see HUGE miracles come to pass. 

One of my favorite moments this week we had in finding was on Tuesday night.  Our appointment cancelled and we didn’t know where to go so we said a prayer to get us started.  Sister Squire suggested we go visit a less-active family.  So we went and they were busy, but said we could come back next week.  We walked back to the car and before we left, we noticed just across the street a family.  Okay, it was kinda creepy because their blinds were open and we just saw them like, “hey, look a family lives in that house.” Well we decided to go knock on their door and the dad was SO nice, invited us in and totally wanted his kids to learn about Jesus Christ.  It was a really cool experience to see how we can really put everything in the Lord’s hands to lead us to the places we need to be.  We just have to follow the bread crumbs he puts out for us. 

The temple trip with the Gardner’s was also awesome.  They loved the visitor center a lot. There was an interactive family area that taught about eternal families and they were all teared up by the end of it!  They loved doing baptisms for the dead, and Nicolette was so touched to see her grandparents baptized.  Afterwards they both told us they wanted to come back soon!  We also took them to Deseret Bookstore which was one of the funniest things ever. They didn’t want to leave and they wanted to buy literally everything.  Demitry bought a book about how to prepare for a mission. I am so proud of him.

Sidenote- Liam Gardner is my favorite person of all time.  Whenever he gets home he starts saying, “I need to be Liam Gardner,” and then starts taking off all his clothes until he is stripped down to his undies and then says, “Now I’m LIAM GARDNER!”  It’s really the cutest thing. 

Well we have about a week left of this transfer.  Sister Squire is getting a bit anxious about going home. Ha ha pray for her.  But we are ready to make this week AWESOME!  Hope you are all doing good.  Love you fam!

Sister Packer