Keep’em Awesome and Holy

Letter from June 6, 2017
Dear Family and Friends,
Those are the words of a prayer for us given by Mark Pablo.  “Keep’em awesome and holy!”
Safford is an interesting little place. It is little yet so much is going on!  I won’t go into too much detail about what’s going on but I’m pretty sure if they were to pick a new classic small town to make a new hit drama tv series,  it would be this place.I feel like I’m living in a mansion!  We actually live in a renovated funeral home.  Ha ha no ghosts yet.  But we have a walk in closet!?!  What the?!  It’s such a nice place!  But it might be rubbing off on my companion… She told me she wanted to go to the cemetery today… anyway…  And the members here are even nicer.  Example: they made me chocolate chip cookies.  Example two: our ward missionary (Sherri) made us popcorn while we did My Plan.  Example three: a sister in our ward was the guest of honor at the grand opening of McDonald’s so of course she took the missionaries because who doesn’t love free McD’s hahaha. We got the full VIP tour and everything!

My new companion is Sister Holgerson. Holgy for short.   She is from North Carolina, has mad piano skills and I am a proud owner of her first CD- holla at her when she famous. She wants you to know she has lots of freckles and all her toenails are painted hot pink except for two.

We have had some freaking awesome miracles this week. Every single day.  Our investigator Mark Pablo got an interview about a month ago for baptism and has been waiting for FOREVER to get first presidency approval.  This week we got a text from Prez. saying he was good to go!!  Mark is planning on getting baptized on June tenth and we are so excited for him.  Mark has made a lot of changes in his life and is currently still on parole.  He has a strong testimony of the gospel and he keeps saying he’s gonna have all the protection he needs once he gets the gift of the holy ghost.
We had a crazy referral this week too from a bishop of another ward.  He sent us over to see Mary Ellen.  Turns out it’s her son who is really interested.  Her son is Chuck Long and he has been out of prison for only 14 days.  While there he had an incredible experience with the Book of Mormon which was given to him over a year ago!!  Lots of seeds have been planted here.  He is now looking to learn if this is something he wants to keep in his life and if he wants to be a part of the latter day saints. And Mary, his mother, said she is also willing to learn. AHHHHH!
One of the most spirit-filled lessons we had this week was with a young man named William Hemphill.  William has been less-active for most of his life and has recently decided he needs something more in life.  The bishop sent us over last night to meet with him.  He has been so humbled by the Lord that he is ready to absorb everything!  He admitted he thinks he has a testimony but it is very weak and he wants it to be stronger. We were able to teach him about the restoration and testify that the Book of Mormon would bring the strength he needed and that he would begin to learn how the spirit speaks to him.
Another lady I am excited about is Stephanie Farar.  Stephanie hasn’t been active in church since she was a kid.  She has a load of concerns and has gone through so much. She is going to let us teach her the lessons though.  She even committed to start praying. Haha she wants to take the small baby steps (which are the most important steps anyway).  Her son is the only one in her family who is active and he is on a mission serving in Rexburg, Idaho right now!!  Shout out to Idaho.
Speaking of people serving in  Idaho- I believe there is an Elder Lutz in Shamrock Park right now yes?  Well I’m serving in his Grandma’s ward!  The Mormon world is a small one.
It’s been a good week.  Love you, Sister Packer
Me and the Desert of Safford
With Sister Holgerson
me and Toni Palmer (Elder Lutz’s grandma)