A Mighty Change of Heart

Letter from May 29, 2017
Hey Hey fam,
KIM! KIM! KIM! We had the CRAZIEST miracle this week.  Probably one of the greatest ones in my whole mission.  Remember Kim and Steven who we watched Meet the Mormons with?  Well this week we went to read with Steven and we read Alma 34.  I gave Kim my Book of mormon to follow along.  She started asking questions and making comments and the spirit was super strong.  We left and went to our next appointment and then saw we had a text from Kim asking us if she could have her own copy of the Book of Mormon and a text from Steven saying Kim was thinking about converting!  Long story short, Kim felt the spirit when she read the Book of Mormon and she said in all her years as a catholic she NEVER felt anything like that.  She is now preparing to be baptized on June 24th.  Oh and at church yesterday she informed us (after reading the Plan of salvation pamphlet we gave her) that her biggest goal is to make it to the celestial kingdom.
When I first met Kim she had a lot of negative anti-mormon feelings and it has been SO COOL to see the small things over time change her heart.  Steven has been really good about bringing her to ward parties and inviting her to listen to our lessons.  What brought the biggest change was reading the Book of Mormon though.  I know the Book of Mormon is a gift from God and the quickest way for us to feel the spirit and gain answers to our deepest questions about life.  I am so grateful that Kim has been able to discover that and is now FEASTING upon the word!

What a good way to end my last week in the Pantano ward amiright??!  By the way I will be heading to the Gila Valley for my last 6 weeks.  I’m so stoked.  I will be companions with Sister Holgerson.  She used to serve in Central Tucson so I already know how awesome she is.

Oh my goodness. We found out that every single sister in the ATM will be able to go to work at the Tucson temple open house. We will get to come in from the Gila about twice a week to work the open house.  It is going to be crazy.  I am super excited though.  On Sunday, every single sister from across the mission met in Tucson at the temple.  It was amazing.  We did a little VIP tour.  All of the sisters and President and Sister Passey stopped in the bride’s room and in the sealing room.  It was pretty sweet.  President Passey has 6 weeks left, he got a little emotional with all of the sisters in the sealing room.

other fun events this week:

– tasted the best lemon bars evaaaa s/o to E. Sherwood

-for district meeting we had a testimony meeting fireside at our Bishop’s house and it was such a cool uplifting experience to remember we are all in this together and cool to see how much we all LOVE being out here!

-we had zone conference this week and it was exhausting.  We did training rotations between two zones and sister G and I gave the same training 4 TIMES. agh!   But it was fun.

love you all:)


At the Temple with the Central Sisters


Family photo with my baby


With Kim and her dog @ church


Sister Walker


The Gardner’s



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