Like a Roll of Toilet Paper

Letter from May 22, 2017
Hey Everyone, missions are like a roll of toilet paper.  They always go faster at the end.  It’s going too fast!!!  So I started to have a MAJOR freak out this week because I realized I only have 7 weeks left as a missionary.  While at the temple, I was praying and praying for some guidance and I ended up reading some verses in Doctrine and Covenants 90.
 11 For it shall come to pass in that day, that every man shall hear the fulness of the gospel in his own tongue, and in his own language, through those who are ordained unto this power, by the administration of the Comforter, shed forth upon them for the revelation of Jesus Christ.
12 And now, verily I say unto you, I give unto you a commandment that you continue in the ministry and presidency.
So at first I read this and thought… “okay Heavenly Father, I’m already a missionary, so you want me to just keep it up? is this like “just keep going”?   The answer to my question was YES.  But I didn’t really make the connection right away.  Long story short, Sister Passey came in and saved the day (as usual), and she helped me recognize the significance in this verse.  I had started to worry about my growth and change over the past months but realized it’s not really what matters.  What matters is that Heavenly Father accepts the service and work that I have done and that I should accept what I’ve done.  She helped me realize that Hevaenly Father was telling me, “yes you are doing it, so CONTINUE what you have been doing!”  It was a pretty good pep talk, I’m not gonna lie.  I am so grateful for leaders like Sister Passey for taking the time to calm down a crazy missionary, haha.  I feel very calm and ready to progress for the next sevenish weeks and then for the rest of my life!
This week we had some awesome members (the Buckley family) invite us over for dinner with our investigators, Steven and Kim.  After dinner we all watched Meet the Mormons together.  It was great!  Steven finally talked to someone in the ward besides his sister and Kim made friends too!  Kim is still pretty adamant that she will never convert BUT in her words, “yeah you mormons are actually pretty cool.”  So it was definitely a success!  She has softened up towards the gospel so much.
We had another temple trip (heyooooo) out to the Gila Valley Temple.  Sister Walker drove us and Sister’s Diderickson and McMaster. Sister Graff and Diderickson got to see one of their recent converts go to the temple to do baptisms and we did an endowment session.
We also went to our Stakes blood drive and donated blood.  I was able to talk to the guy taking my blood about the temple being built in Tucson!  He was muslim and he told me about how important family was to their religion and the different roles men and women play.  He took a temple invite card, and I really hope he goes.  I think the best part of talking to him was that I realized that I didn’t do that just because I was a missionary.  I wasn’t inviting him to be baptized, just to learn more and that is something we are all able to do!  It is so much easier than we might think!
Have another good week!
Love, Sister Packer

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