Sister Adowa Packer

Letter from May 8, 2017

Hey everyone!   What a week.  We once again spent the week doing a few crazy and creative things to find and teach people down here in the dirty T.

 Best finding highlights though:
-This week a teenager who lives in our apartment complex asked us if we back each other at all times because we don’t know how to drive or because its a rule.  We were able to dispel a few mormon myths.
– During exchanges, Sister Kennach and I asked if we could share the love by singing someone a song about Jesus Christ.  We sang a hymn right on the doorstep.  Thank you Vocal Point for our inspiration!  It bought us a conversation.
– To start another conversation we asked a family who had recently moved into the area if we could steal fruit from their lemon tree.  They thought we were a little weird but now we have fresh lemonade!
-We sent off like two more referrals to areas that are not our own:( …. BUT, we are so excited because we got our own referral last night!!!  Stay tuned to hear for hopefully good things.
In case any of you were wondering, if I lived in Ghana my name would be Sister Adowa Packer because I was born on a Monday.  That is what our new friend Kwame told me.  He is Sister Bink’s father and she fed us peanut butter soup last night.  The best part of the dinner was that we got to eat with our fingers.  Very interesting!
This week was fairly busy.  We had exchanges with the Sisters on Thursday.  Sister Kennach and I went on another exchange.  I freaking love her and we had a blast. On Friday, we went to another round of MLC.  Our zone’s focus for the month of May is finding and we have got a bunch of cool finding challenges for the zone to be doing! Some of them we did this week but hopefully more exciting things to come.
I read a talk this week that really hit home.  It talked about how the word “can’t” is false doctrine in this church.  If we are saying the word “can’t”, then we don’t understand the atonement of Jesus Christ.  We can do literally ALL things through Christ who strengthens us.  Also, it gave a great example of Babe Ruth.  Though he is famous for his total of 714 home runs, he struck out more times than any other player in history!!!  It’s okay to swing and to miss!  Its okay to keep messing up!  “There is no disgrace in falling down; the disgrace is lying there.  To get up one more time than you fall is to be a winner.  To stay down is to be a loser.”  I have always been a sucker for cool sports analogies and so I loved that.  No matter how much we fall in life, if we get up and try again, teach another lesson, knock another door, try to talk to one more person, then we are succeeding.  We are winning.
I love you all! Keep winning!
Sister Adowa Packer
Sister Freeman and I at the Ward’s Cinco De Mayo Party
MLC Selfie

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