Death By Pool Noodles

Letter from May 15, 2017

Happy Moms Day!  Hope all you moms out there felt loved and blessed.

Wow!  This week went by so fast!!  The highlight of the week was a guy we met named Oshawn (pronounced as ocean).   We saw him across a parking lot waving around these green pool noodles, so what do nice missionaries do?  We waved and said hello!  The next thing we know he was running, faster than I’ve ever seen someone run, RIGHT at us!  All I could think was – DEATH BY POOL NOODLES!  But no, once he reached us he pulled a Tim Tebow and knelt in front of us asking to be read to from the bible… What?!?!?!  So we did!  And yes, he was a little bit ‘off’ (if you know what I mean).   We set a return appointment with him for another time (everybody needs the Gospel).  The second time we met him, he prepared a “cool place in nature” for our lesson…  It looks sketch from the pictures but we are in Tucson…a big city, out in public, don’t freak out.  In the end, he is still crazy and you can refer to pics below for the location of our “nature setting” lesson, hahaha.20170512_191448
We also got to drive up to Mesa this week with Kevin and Monica Haller.  Kevin did baptisms for the dead for the first time.  He loved the temple so much and it was so cool to hear him talk about the different ancestor’s names he was taking and how excited he was for them.
This week in each of our active member lessons we have tried to spend ten minutes with them and just bear our testimonies on why we came on missions and why we are still out on missions.  It has been really cool to share a bit of our own stories with members and share why we love being out here.  The coolest things that have come from this is a strength in my own personal testimony and conviction of serving the Lord, as well as a closer relationship with our ward members.  It’s like they feel closer to us as we share a bit of that with them.  It has been really exciting to then invite them to share their own testimonies!
Well I really enjoyed Mother’s Day and seeing the family.  I don’t have too much to write because I feel like I talked so much yesterday with you all!  I love you, have a good week!!
Sister Packer

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