Fun Facts From the Seesta’s

Letter May 1, 2017

Dear Family,

Fun fact 1: Playing leapfrog in the park for exercise makes people want to talk to you. 

Fun fact 2: Use your neighbor’s wheelchair when they leave it in the hallway, they will never notice. 

Fun fact 3: Randomly jumping into someone else’s football game yields potential investigators

Fun fact 4: the pet dog theory works- 99% of the time (“You’re not interested?… your dog is.”)

Heavenly Father has really been able to bless us this week.  He has put people into our path that we have been able to not just talk to but invite to learn more about the gospel- and they have said YES.  Now we are not currently teaching these people, BUT we have sent out six referrals over the past two weeks! So whoever those missionaries are, they probably love us a lot right now.  Update on Dotti – she has moved up to Mesa – oh hey wait, make that seven referrals, lol. 

The biggest update I want to give this week is on Steven and his girlfriend Kim.  Steven has come to church every single Sunday this month and it’s incredible to see the growth he has made.  His girlfriend sat in on our lesson this past week and so we had the opportunity to teach them both about the restoration of the gospel.  Kim was pretty interested but “she’s still catholic” haha, whatever Kim.  She shared all of her concerns for us though.   Turns out she doesn’t know the meaning of life, and turns out we have answers for that too.  We invited them both to pray and for Steven specifically to pray about what he should do next to continue to progress.  We came back the next day to follow up and Steven asked us if the bishop might be able to help him get a marriage license!! AHHHHH!  He wants to live the law of chastity.  He wants to take the sacrament!!  It is probably going to take awhile to really get this going but he has the desire so heavenly father will help him figure it out!  Pray for him. 

Good news – our district won a pizza party because we killed all the other districts in the zone for a commitment competition. Hollllaaaaa!  We’re also still doing our forty day fast and it is going well.  As I have done this and fasted from behaviors that might not be positive I have become a lot more aware of what I’m doing and who I am becoming.  I have also really loved the self control that I am gaining.  I have fasted from some small and simple things like leaving clothes on the floor and eating chocolate to a few bigger things like the type of music I’m listening to.  The scripture Ether 12:27 has been in my mind a lot this week.  We take small imperfections before the Lord and He will help us in our weakness.  I’ve learned that in order for Him to do this we must truly be humble and acknowledge our weakness.  And then rely on Him every single day through prayer. 

Ugh! Wow! This one has been driving me nuts so I’m gonna preach.  Don’t tell your grand kid or child they can’t go to church because they want to wear pants.  Don’t criticize a recent convert because they want to wear a cross necklace.  Don’t judge someone because they have tattoos.  Don’t tell your kids they can’t play with nonmembers.  When someone fasts in Arizona in the middle of summer, and drinks water, don’t question if their fast counts.  Don’t refuse to give service to someone who really needs help because it is on the Sabbath.  Don’t tell a recent convert that they pray wrong when they address Heavenly Father as, “My awesome God” or “Dad” in a prayer.  Don’t tell someone they pray wrong because they hold their hands together instead of folding their arms.  Don’t think you can’t share the gospel at work because you assume it’s inappropriate.

If we must correct, we teach by example.  We teach the doctrine and principles of the gospel.  We don’t teach application.  If a prophet or apostle speaks or gives counsel on a certain thing then, of course, follow it!  But unless a prophet addresses something, we tend to get caught up in telling everyone ‘how’ they should live the gospel instead of teaching them the ‘what’ and ‘why’ behind the gospel principle.

district doing stress management exercises during district meeting


someone backed into our car and totally crunched the back fender


me and sis graff



us old farts of the mission in our neighbor’s wheelchair





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