The Army of Antipus

Letter from April 10, 2017

Dear Family,

We had zone conference this week and one of my favorite discussions we had was about representational agency.  We are representatives of Jesus Christ and so our actions are reflected on Him.  We talked a lot about how we should act as missionaries to reflect the Savior more than anything else.  What really got me thinking was how this doesn’t just apply to me for right now, but will forever because I have taken His name upon me when I entered the waters of baptism.  We can all represent Him and we can all make choices that will reflect the Savior.

Well I am going to report back and tell you how acting on the first prompting has been going.  Last night after praying,  I had the name of a potential investigator come to mind and we went to that apartment complex.  It just so happens to also be where Dotti lives and we ran into her.  She’s returned from Phoenix and invited us in and after reading some of the Book of Mormon, she told us how depressed she had felt about having to move soon.  There were fears of not being worthy enough to be baptized.  It was crazy because we never would have known any of it if we hadn’t followed the prompting to go there.   We read some specific verses from the Book of  Mormon together and then she prayed and the spirit was SO STRONG.  I know it was helpful and uplifting for her.   She is going to be hard to say goodbye to!

Yesenia, Sergio and their family are great!  We taught them the plan of salvation and invited them to be baptized and they are praying about it.  The spirit was there the whole lesson and the kids are loving it!! Pray for them!

I have been studying about faith and how faith precedes miracles in the Book of Mormon.  In Alma 56:15-16, we learn about the Army of Antipus right before Helaman and the stripling warriors arrive.  When Helaman arrives he finds the Army of Antipus “toiling with ALL their might to fortify the city”.  He finds men who are “depressed in body as well as spirit”, yet despite VALIANTLY fighting hard battles by day and toiling by night they were “determined to conquer”.

So here is what I’m getting at – Anitpus and his men are working hard and putting up a good fight but they are absolutely exhausted.  They are probably at the point where some would give up, but they don’t.  Because of the unyielding fight and lack of nourishment and rest, their bodies and minds are becoming depressed!  And I think the lesson is that it is okay to be tired and to be a little depressed, but to NEVER give up the fight.  If we keep our determination, we keep our faith.  Their faithful prayers and work were answered when Helaman’s army came marching in.  How often do we need just a tiny lift or boost of courage to fuel our faith?  The lord will provide that for us when he sees how determined we our on our cause!  In His cause.   We cannot give up no matter how hard this week, this month, or this year.  We can be determined in our causes, and just like these two armies conquered- we will too.  It may take a bit of toiling, both night and day but we will be preserved.

I thought you should also know I discovered the BEST green chile in all of Tucson and have mastered the art of making a Korean Gimbap (I know I am spelling that wrong). That’s it for the week!   I hope you all have a fantastic Easter! 

Love, Sis Packer


Maddie and I with the Korean Gimbap and ice cream with… beans?!



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