Happy Easter

Letter from April 17, 2017

Hey Fam!  Wow I feel lame as I write this email because I feel like I don’t have much to say.  It was Sister Hunt’s last week in the mission.  We went and got her first and final Sonoran dog and Raspado for her last meal with me.  Oh the joys Tucson.

Funny moments from the week:

 We discussed how we should relate others and ourselves to those in the scriptures so he says- “I like to compare myself to Job.  The other day my green chile sauce went bad and yet I was doing everything right!” If you ever feel like you are doing everything right and things (or sauce) go wrong… remember Job.

So this week we were in the middle of a lesson with a new investigator.  I started singing a song to myself as I flipped to a scripture and didn’t realize how loud I was or that I was even singing until I looked up and saw my companion’s “are you serious!” expression.  

We painted our ward mission leader’s porch brown and thought I had washed the paint off until, during a lesson we had someone ask- “Sister Packer, what are all these brown spots up your arm?”

Dotti is doing well.  We watched the restoration movie with her this week and she loved it.  She has had a lot of questions about exactly how everything happened and the timeline.  We also taught her the word of wisdom.

Happy Easter! I love you, Sis Packer


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