Chocolate People Like Chocolate on the Inside

Letter from March 20, 2017

Hey Fam,

SO… this week we met a guy named Ben, who is generally homeless but has a storage shed.  He totally contacted us. He told us how he thinks some of his memory was stolen by the government, that he was born in the Garden of Eden and, oh, that there are certain truths about the universe he cannot reveal to us all quite yet.  So we still went ahead and had a lesson with him in the park and it went great!  Honestly, we will never see him again, but we still tried to share what we could with him.

Kevin, our recent convert came out to church and I was SO proud of him.  HE THREW DOWN.  His testimony is just bright and shiny and I’m proud of him.

We also met a guy named OKongo who is from Kenya.  The Nielsen’s invited him over to dinner and we bonded because I let him steal off my plate.  He also had me throw biscuits at him which he caught in his mouth.  He told us he had been in Tucson for 16  years and that’s why he was SO tan, hahaha.  He is pretty dope and travels all over the world spreading Christianity.   Sadly, he is not too interested in “the mormon book”.

We have just had a lot of weird lessons this week!  One day Nicolette texted us and told us to come to the park asap and teach her mom, so we went!  Everything has just been on the fly and its been weird, but a good weird.

Another miracle is that Sister Blackwell took us to Costco today.  She spoils us and even bought us a cookie for being good!  I love her so much. The other miracle is our weather. Spring has arrived and I think this is my favorite time of year!  It’s not too hot and not too cold.

On the spiritual side- I want you all to know how much I love this gospel.  It is crazy that we can say that we have ALL truth.  We have a way to receive answers to EVERY question.  That is so baffling to people and so many people don’t believe that it’s possible. We have such a great blessing, the Book of Mormon, to find these truths in!  And greater than that, we have prayer and the gift of the holy ghost through which we can receive all answers and knowledge.  I love the feeling of safety and security that comes from these truths.

Well Fam I love you!  Have a good week!  Sister Packer

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Book of Mormon Selfie



Entry for Quadruple Chin, Bad Selfie Contest



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