Power Behind a Promise

Letter from March 13, 2017

Dear Family,

I’m going to start by telling you about my new companion.  Her name is Sister Hunt.  She is from Washington.  We both like Julian Smith and brownies and she’s been out for 17 months!

It hasn’t been too bad of a week!  We found two new investigators and a pretty solid potential… one of them may have been more open due to the numbing effect of marijuana but… it’s all good.  We are really hoping to find more people who are ready to progress in the gospel.  A lot of people love God, and a lot of people love Christ, but many people are scared to change for them.

We also had zone meeting this week which was the day after transfers.  It was a little bit stressful.  I’ve gotten used to team teaching, having a companion to give training with.  But this time I was doing trainings all alone the day after Sister Squire went home!  Luckily, Sister Hunt is patient and let me practice on her so all is good in the hood.  Our March Swagness has kicked off to a great start and the zone is really getting into the bracket we have set up.  I’m sure you are all wondering if Sister Hunt and I won the first round and the answer is, duh – yes of course, we don’t lose.

So Heavenly Father is one sly guy and He really likes to send us the most subtle of promptings that honestly, I don’t usually recognize.  This week as we were leaving an appointment and about to flip a u-turn I thought of a few people we had planned as backups to go see earlier in the week.  We had never gone to see them!  So I quickly switched lanes, feeling we should go right then!  The first person wasn’t home and I kind of started to wonder if switching our plans like that had been a bad idea. Then we knocked on the second door and met Courtney!  Courtney is the marijuana loving friend I mentioned.  She is trying to re-align herself with God and Christ.  She said she just recently started going back to her church.  We knew she was the reason Heavenly Father changed our course that day. 

And because of that detour to meet Courtney,  we pulled up to our originally scheduled investigator, Dotti’s apartment, right as she got home.  We would have missed her if we had gone thirty minutes before like we had planned!  It was just crazy.  Dotti told us she read from Mormon through Moroni and that it “bloomed in her mind”. 

We have been doing a lot of lessons with members this week, trying to help them with their missionary work.  At one house, we shared a message about missionary work, invited them to do some and then as usual, we promised blessings from the Lord for doing so.  The husband looked at us and said, “do you know the power behind that promise?”  He told us he takes every promise from a missionary very serious because we are representatives of Jesus Christ.  The only people authorized to make such promises are the apostles and missionaries.  It was such an awesome moment.  He and his wife both agreed missionary work was exactly what their family needed.  The Lord’s promises are powerful and they can motivate us to act!  When we extend those promises to those around us, we need to remember the power behind them! 

Well the last cool experience I want to share is about Steve Peterson.  He is less-active member and we have been working with him for awhile.  Last week he asked a question that I didn’t really know how to answer.  I tried to study for it but I didn’t feel like I had the right answer for him.  So we brought the resource we were studying from, the book Jesus The Christ, to the next appointment with him.  We read a couple passages that we liked from the book but he didn’t really feel satisfied.  So we took the book out and he is like, “wow, that sounds exactly like what I need- how did you know”?!  His questions have answers but he be blessed to find them himself as he studies.   He went out and got his copy of Jesus the Christ to read!! 

I love being a missionary and seeing how He takes care of each and every one of His children in His own way and time.  I know that we can all see His hand when we look for it and that is one of the coolest lessons I have learned so far!  I love you all and hope you have a great week!!:)   Sister Packer




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