Do You Even Know How to Reduce a Fraction?!

Letter from March 6, 2017

Dear Family,                             

The title today is from a sassy 10 year old who taught me what to say when people choose to call us stupid.

 Today I will start with the good news.  I got my replacement cards and tablet this week. The bad news is, I accidentally locked myself out of it for about three days, BUT that should be getting cleared up today, hahaha.. So our thievery dilemma is almost completely resolved and behind us now! 

 This week we spent time planning with the zone leaders for the March focus/activity and MLC (mission leader conference).  It is going to be pretty dope!  We are calling it March Swagness.  The focus is to help people progress to baptism.   A fun madness bracket has been set up and will track missionary activities that help us accomplish our goal!  Sister Squire and I spent FOREVER making the sickest posters!

One night this week we went to visit a less active family in the ward.  The kids attend church with their grandmother but their mom doesn’t come very often.  We had a good laugh because the mother did not want us to come in and teach her family to help BUT then she gave us two referrals!  One of those referrals was their neighbor across the street.  His name is Bryan and he played for the Broncos and the Falcons!!  Basically famous.  We made an appointment to go back next week to chat with them.  Guys, I might be teaching a big famous football player, ha how great?! 

Sunday night we didn’t schedule any time into the day for dinner and we were just going ham.  Someone had given us a loaf of bread around 4pm.  I just threw it in the back of the car for later and we kept going!  About two hours later we had an appointment fall through.  We did not know where to go and were feeling slightly frustrated so we prayed and still didn’t feel much direction to go anywhere.  I kept feeling like there was something bothering my companion. We kept trying to work but everything seemed to just come to a stop.  So I pulled out the bread from the back seat, cut us both a slice, and asked her if anything was bothering her and immediately after eating her slice she calmed down and expressed some fears she had about returning home.  We prayed again and immediately felt directed to go visit a specific person.  I have heard the analogy of “daily bread” so many times but it really hit home that night.  We need to get our physical as well as spiritual “bread” to even be able to function, but more importantly to be able to feel the promptings of the spirit.  In this case it was eating bread that helped us.  In many cases it is the spiritual food we lack.  When we are full spiritually and our bodies are physically taken care of, we can receive guidance and direction and immediately act on it. 

Tomorrow is transfer day.  I will miss Sister Squire!   My new companion is Sister Hunt and guess what?!  I’m going to get to kill her too!  So I will be in this area for another two transfers!  I am excited because I’m loving my time here in the dirty T.  I hope you all have a great week and eat lots of naked chicken chulapas from taco bell. 

Love, Sister Packer

Mesa temple from last week

image4 2






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