Your Dog Looks Interested…

Letter from February 12, 2017

Dear Family,

I am happy to report that we no longer have Jimmy the Regular Guy.  We have Jimmy the Priesthood Holder!!!  YAYYYYYYY!  We lived the dream this weekend.  I literally have dreamed of finding a family where the dad can be reactivated and baptize his family and it happened! AH!  Seeing them all in white and knowing all the hard work that they had put in to get there was the best feeling.  It was a wonderful baptism and the spirit was SO strong!  There was a slight delay when Liam stood up from his chair on the front row holding his backside, yelling- “mom i gotta go NOW!”  Quick break and then back to the baptism.  Demitry said he felt the spirit, something warm inside when he was baptized and thought Heavenly Father must have been proud.   Nicolette has been doing her family history already and compiled what she found in a book and displayed it on a table for everyone at the baptism to see.  Aren’t these guys just the coolest people EVER?!  This week Jimmy told Sister Squire and I that we could come work for his painting company this summer and he said he would let me spray paint myself,  get a free tshirt AND have limitless peanut butter chocolate chip cookies- so I’m sold.

img_0612 With the Gardner Fam at their baptism.  Me and “Meety” – Demitry

Update on the Waptism:  Kevin and Monica GOT HITCHED!  Officially married in the bishop’s office with celebratory lemon bars, courtesy of Sister Nielsen.  Best wedding I’ve ever been too (also the only one).  Kevin had his baptism interview this week with President Passey and all is a go for next Saturday!  Round two coming up.  


Wedding for Kevin and Monica

So this week we felt impressed to find four people to teach.  Like the number four just really needed to happen and we didn’t know why.  So we found a members friend who wanted to learn and that was great and then we had found nothing up until last night. And we fasted and prayed and prayed and prayed that we would find someone or whoever the other three souls were Heavenly Father wanted us to find.  I guess you could say we did some sifting most of the day. People just kept telling us they ‘ didn’t want contact’ and ‘weren’t interested’.  And yes we DID tell someone that their dog looked interested!  Just for future reference, people seem to think they know their dogs better than we do…  After a fruitless day we were left with an hour to find three people!  The next three houses we knocked on we found our three people!  One was a less-active man who is in the middle of a crisis and needs God’s love. He appreciated the conversation at least.  The next house we knocked on, the person we were looking for had moved but the man there (TED) said to come back and teach him and his family.  And the last house was a member who had a son who wasn’t baptized and her son literally quoted John 3:16 to us and said he loved Jesus.  You can claim we were successful or not on any level, but I can honestly say I have so much confidence in the Lord.  I know we can trust that when we are striving to achieve our goals that the Lord WILL provide for us and send us where we need to go.  There is never any reason to doubt him.

Other highlights:

It got warm for a small moment this week and we got up to 80 degrees, but sadly this week is supposed to be cooler in the 60’s – dang!  Almost sandal season!  You asked if the smells are stronger in the city now that it is warming up.  The smells are about the same – smells like weed!  Our drunk gay devil worshipping neighbor (these are his words BTW) told us he felt “utterly wicked” this week but really loves us Mormons, lol.  So there is some love down here!  We got Prez to agree to do the splits for us if we hit our mission goals.  Hahaha

Have a good week and Happy Valentine’s Day,  Sister Packer


Happy reunion with the baby at zone conference.  Still coordinating, still united, hollaaa!



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