One Year Old Missionary!

Letter from February 6, 2017

Hi Family!

I’m so Old!  I don’t like it.  I don’t like being a whole year old.  It’s so crazy to think this time last year I was chillin’ in the MTC learning to use my zip zip and eating cafeteria food. This has been the best year and probably the most productive year!  It’s just going too too fast.  I have learned so much and I wish I could sum it up but that would probably take another 17 emails. So I’ll just sum up this week for ya. 

1 year old pic- MTC homies


We went to the ZOO today.  Someone saw our group and called us a ‘herd of Mormons”. Well what did you expect to see at the zoo?!

A herd of Mormons



This week was exciting!  On Tuesday we met with Mariah- a super cute 14 year old.  Her grandparents are members of our ward and she decided she wanted to get baptized!   Yay Mariah! 

Also we planned a zone event that was so boss.  It was to kick off the mission goal for the month.  It involved a fun fear factor tasting challenge (overcoming fear), 3 legged race (work together with members), water balloon toss (comp unity), and more.

This week we also taught a lady who believed the whole restoration, then two days later returned her Book of Mormon because she said she felt an “evil presence” when she read it…..ya she didn’t read it then! 

The Gardner’s are doing great.  Jimmy unveiled his biggest secret this week.  HE MAKES THE BEST COOKIES!  It was one of the highlights of the week.  They had their interview Saturday and Jimmy will get the priesthood this Friday!!  AHHHHHHH!!!  Jimmy keeps teasing Nicolette that she won’t be a “Jehovah” anymore.  That punk.  Liam also learned how to say Sister Packer this week so I feel really successful. 

Sorry, I feel like I don’t have much to report on this week.  We had MLC this past week and I learned SO much it was awesome.  Kevin and Monica are getting married tomorrow, he also quit smoking and we all fasted for him yesterday!  So yep it’s been a good week.

Sis Packer

MLC from Last week


Exploring the Tunnels under the stake center



Liam Gardner


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