This Jameel!

Letter from January 2,2017

AHHHHHH my life is insane.  I feel like no one believes in sleep in Tucson, missionaries included??? We seem to always have a mile long to-do list. I really love this area- we are working harder than I have ever worked and seeing miracles everyday. 

I was looking through our ward list the other day and I saw a name that I recognized. Someone from the Casas Adobes ward moved over to Pantano!  It was a less-active lady we had worked with- Aubrie Freeman!  We paid her a visit and it was a wonderful reunion with her and her three adorable children and her hubby, Michael.  Michael is not a member and previously when we had visited them he was never interested.  BUT, apparently he has been making a lot of changes lately.  He became an investigator this week!  On our second lesson with him, he told us he had read the first chapter of the Book of Mormon and he felt like Nephi was sitting right next to him telling him a story as he read.  Coolest moment EVER.  I know this family is one of the reasons I am here in this area!  Heavenly Father blessed me to get to be a part of this family’s progression. Wow!  Michael even remembered the handshake we made in Casas- I freaking love this family. 

Selfie with Sister Drown


Another awesome miracle we had was on exchanges.  I left the area and went to Sister Drown’s area in the southeast zone.  At the nightly planning she said that one big goal they had was to find a new investigator for the week. So we decided no time like the present.  Let’s exercise some faith and see miracles.  We prayed and prayed and prayed. Literally the first door we knocked on the next afternoon (looking for a less active in the ward who had actually moved), became a new investigator!  And then we found another! And then we found someone who wanted to start coming back to church!  Piles of miracles.  It was one of the best exchanges I have ever been on!  Love you Sister Drown. 

Okay now I get to tell you about Jameel and our sweet cheese.  We have been teaching an Arabic family for a few weeks and it’s been so challenging because of the language barrier. We really thought we were going to drop them this week because there hadn’t been any progression.  They gave us an interesting Lebanese dish that they called sweet cheese.  It was the nastiest thing I have had to eat thus far.  Maybe just stay away from Lebanese food?  Anyway we ate while Wissaam looked over the plan of salvation pamphlet and Sahar read from the Book of Mormon.  After I was done choking down the food, Wissaam looked up and pointed to the pamphlet and said- This “jameel”. This “jameel”. Meaning: this “BEAUTIFUL”!  They thought it was beautiful!  They are islamic but they really love our plan of happiness. 

New Year’s Eve


To kick off the new year we had a short zone meeting on Saturday night.  It was basically a testimony meeting where we all got say why we came on a mission or what we had learned and then the ZL’s introduced a new intiative for our zone.  The purpose is to get everybody pumped to expect miracles every single day.  So the zone is going to be doing this thing where one companionship completes a challenge and then they get to call out another companionship to do a challenge. We just got called out to do a p-day lesson with an investigator.  It should be fun and we are trying to go the rest through the rest of the transfer without breaking the chain of call outs.  Haha, pray for us.

Writing to our family’s on P-day


I guess I have had my mind on miracles a lot this week!  We have been studying faith in the Book of Mormon and it’s cool to see how miracles can take place at any moment if we exercise our faith.  The scriptures teach us that God is the same yesterday, today and forever, and I can definitely tell you He hasn’t changed.  Miracles in the scriptures are still happening today.  And it is JAMEEL!!!  Love you all have a good week.

Sis Packer 


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