The Harvest is Now!

Letter from January 16, 2017

Dear Family,  Just as John testifies, there is not four months and then the harvest- the harvest is NOW!  And there truly are people prepared for this gospel.  The Gardner’s are some of those special people.  We invited them to be baptized on Monday and at first they were like, “well, yeah maybe.”  And we went back Wednesday night and followed up with them about it,  Nicolette nodded and said- “Yeah, I’m ready, let’s do it”.  Demetri said- “I’m scared, but I’m ready”.  Ahhhhhhhhh, wow I love this family so much. What is really heart warming was when Jimmy, the regular guy, decided he wanted to become Jimmy, the priesthood holder, so he could be the one to baptize his family! 

We also went with one of our ward missionaries to meet her friend this week, Cynthia.  She started off by saying she was a happy catholic and by the end of our meeting she was basically rejoicing over the restoration!  Know why?  CUZ IT’S TRUE! dang!   I need be a little more appreciative like Cynthia.  We take a lot of small simple, precious truths for granted sometimes! 


Well I apologize for the short letter. Not going to lie I just feel pretty lazy and don’t want to type today hehehe…. anywho in the seven days of January this week Heavenly Father gave to us:

1 exchange

2 zone meeting trainings 

3 baptismal dates/ 3 investigators 

4 less active lessons

5 cheesy jalapeño bagels 

6 hours of meetings 

7 member present lessons

In other awkward events, our ward missionary went on a date with our investigator (p.s. They are like 75 years old) and we got all the details from them both, hahaha, it’s great. Sister Squire and I took third in a zone water balloon toss at zone meeting. So a definite shoutout to us for not being pansies in skirts.  One other fun thing;  we “learned” from Brother Lee (from Korea) to pick up a single grain of rice using metal chopsticks.  And two of our new investigators are from South America!  We are getting quite a bit of culture down here. 

Love, Sister Packer

P.S.  Look up the Brownings (Eric Browning) from Shelley.  He is going to be the new Mission President this coming June.  He is from St. Anthony.


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