No one Fails Who Keeps Trying and Praying

Letter from January 23,2017

The Gardner family is doing amazing!  They are working so hard towards their baptism and Jimmy is working hard to become a priesthood holder.  Jimmy is struggling with the word of wisdom but last night a family in the ward had us and the Gardner’s over for dinner.  They gave the lesson and they also gave Jimmy a powerful blessing.  It was an awesome experience for him and his family to see the Lord’s authority and power in the work. 

Guess how blessed we are?!  Just guess.  We went to the temple TWICE.  We are SO lucky. We had our zone temple trip on Wednesday and then Thursday we went back to see a family from Sister Squires old area get sealed.  I have never seen a sealing ordinance before and it was probably one of the coolest things ever.  It felt like it was everything we work and strive for right there in one room.  Family and friends in the house of the Lord and just so much happiness.  That is what Heaven’s gonna be. 




This week Sister Squire and I did not know how we were going to find a new investigator. By Saturday we still didn’t have one and everything we had been trying was not working out.  Saturday we spent half the day finding and again got nothing. That night we planned diligently that with the small amount of time we did have we could find someone to teach. The next day in sacrament meeting we met Sister Sapp who had just moved into the ward and had also brought along with her her boyfriend who LITERALLY wants to get baptized. IT WAS INSANE. The Lord really answered our prayers and I know that he provides for us when we show that we are willing to give all we have.  Kevin (the boyfriend) told us he went to a temple visitor center and felt like he never wanted to leave and couldn’t stop crying while he was there.  He says he doesn’t know it all yet but he knows Joseph Smith was a prophet!  It was one of those moments where you just like stare back blankly and wonder if its real or a dream. 

This weeks “That moment when you”:

Find that the transfer has ended and a new one begins tomorrow.  Sister Squire and I will be staying together another 6 weeks- partyyyyyy – holla at yo Idaho girls!

Teach Shemar right after his 4:20 blaze it (gets high as a kite)

Make kimbob (aka sushi) with your Korean friends

Lose in a jalapeno eating contest to your companion (dang it…) 

Excel in the tie tying contest.

 Love ya, Sis Packer





Answers to some questions:

  1. My companion is still Sister Squires, from Meridian Idaho and I will be killing her soon.
  2. Mission apartments are the least furnished places ever.  We have beds and a dresser and two desks, oh and a kitchen table.  That’s about it, but it really is awesome.  The inside smells better than the outside.  We do have a dishwasher and feel lucky to have it but it smells like rotten eggs every time we use it so that’s pretty funny.  Lot’s of smells
  3. My companion is awesome and I have learned a lot from her.   I just don’t think anyone can prepare for the 24/7 thing.  I am sure she would agree with that – sometimes you just really want to be by yourself so you do have a fair amount of patience to practice.  We are similar in a lot of ways so it’s also a blessing.  It’ll probably make marriage a little less scary and easier, right?


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