Another Week in the Dirty-T

Letter from January 9, 2017

Hey Fam,  this week went by so fast!!!!  Okay well we had a crazy Monday night and Tuesday.  We got five new investigators!!  I told you to pray for us last Monday night, right? Well you must have been. Not only did we get a lesson but we found a family to teach.  We have been praying to find a family since the beginning of the transfer. 

Sister Lines took us to see her neighbors.  The dad is actually a member but his wife and two kids are not.  They welcomed us in and we shared a message.  It hit them super hard. The daughter is turning 16 and is going through some rough stages and they all feel like change in their life would be good.  They even told us to come over twice a week!!!  What the?!?!  They are so awesome. 

Last Sunday we got a text from our ward mission leader with the information for a guy who literally walked into our church building, said he was mormon, and wants people to teach his family so they can be mormon too.  When does that ever happen?  Ever?  It did.  It happened, we made the visit and the whole family came to church yesterday!  So that’s how we found our other two investigators! 

I think I have really learned that God answers prayers.  When we have righteous desires and faith, God will answer us.  Yes, it will be in his own time according to his own will and sometimes in the strangest of ways, but he will answer us.  Miracles are abounding in the ever-dirty Tucson.

We went on a hike today…it was like 5.5 hours and definitely involved crossing water like 8 times, haha. 


-went on the weirdest exchange of my life….just so weird

-had MLC and learned a lot like usual

-found 5 investigators!! (0-100 real quick?)

-had an Arabic feast

-people came to church yaaaaaaaas

-a kind man gave me a huge jar of homemade salsa and his unopened bag of chips

-my district leader told me to start singing “I am a child of God” the other day and so I did it without asking why and he just started beatboxing to it and wow!  One day I will be that good.

-I learned a new beatboxing skill. #pollywantacracker #calltheambulance

Aight!  Peace Homies

Wonderful P-day Hike




With Elder and Sister Wagner





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