Merry Christmas!

Letter from December 26, 2016

Hello everyone,

Christmas was awesome.  Face timing never lasts long enough but it was awesome talk to all y’all again.  I’m glad Grandma and Grandpa could be there!  I sure miss you all!:)  Also on Christmas day we had lunch with a Ghanaian family and a nice (semi-normal) American dinner with the bishops family.  That one was the most interesting.



Jace and Jess got a little choked up seeing each other – Evidence of some of the sacrifices to serve.  It will be 3 years since they parted ways – Excited to see their reunion in July.


I had a great christmas! Although, not gonna lie, the holidays are probably the worst time for missionary work. Nobody really wants to meet with you because they are with their families. So it was a slower week for us.

We had dinner Christmas Eve with a gracious family in a tiny house that they somehow squished over 50 people into it.  It was insane.  We had a Mexican feast with them.  I’ve never had enchiladas, tacos, tamales and pie for christmas before!  We also went caroling that night at one of the hospitals and it was such a cool experience.  One lady we visited requested O Holy Night and the second we started singing she burst into tears.  We didn’t teach a lesson, or testify of any principle, but listening to a song about her Savior deeply touched her in her struggles. 


Since this is my last email of the year- I thought I would do a little recap of my year. This year was the greatest year! 

In January I started the year off living back home with my family after a semester at Utah State.  I probably bugged my parents a little too much by being home 24/7.  I felt and started to understand the blessings of the temple by attending many sessions as possible with my mom to prepare myself for a mission.  Then on Febrarury 3rd I entered the MTC and became a MISSIONARY! My first area was the Casas Adobes ward and definitely had some miracles there.  I was companions with Sister Smith and Sister Daun (best mothers evvveeeerrrrr) and learned so much from the both of them.  I learned the importance of loving the people and working hard.  We saw Precious and Mathew get baptized and met and taught Tammy Weiss who was also baptized in July!  Right before that though I was transferred to my second area- Sierra Vista!  Wow so much of the year was spent here!  I started there with Sister Brooks and our crazy miracle was sweet, sweet Anna! 

Then life got wild as I hit my six month mark.  I started training for the first time. The dream team was born when I got Sister Waldron as a companion!  Wow we had some awesome times and taught some amazing people. Jacob Springer, Joseph Heckert, and Angel were the most fun kids and we were lucky enough to teach them and see them make covenants with their Heavenly Father!  Sister Waldron was such a trooper.  By mid -September, Sis Waldron had to return home with major medical issues (doing much better now).  It was hard to see her go and then I got my second trainee, Sister Ray!. Ahhhhh love you so much.  We had an amazing three months together and definitely had some crazy miracles including the Hammond family.  We were also able to work with Branden Clark who is about ready to send his mission papers in, which catches us up to December where I have now returned to Tucson! 

This year I have learned so much from each companion, and every lesson we’ve taught.  I have studied the gospel more in-depth than I had ever thought possible.  Heavenly Father is continually blessing us and teaching us.  We had the privilege this year to learn from Elder Holland, Elder Foster, and Elder Robbins as well as all the training we continue to receive from our awesome mission president and sister prez. 

Sister Squire and I have thought up some pretty good goals for this next year. I have a goal to learn to do the splits and  to beat box. I accomplished the heel click this past year so I guess its time to move on to bigger and better things!  Expect miracles.

Love, Sis Packer

Arizona Tucson Mission Christmas Party


Exchanges with Sister Smith



Got the Christmas decorations up just in time!


Nice to relax and snuggle up to the fire place and christmas tree on a cold night after Christmas caroling!

Lot’s of beat boxing to tunes of our own making


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