Bright Lights in the Big City

Letter from December 19, 2016

HEY HEY HEY!  I hope everyone is having a FANTASTIC week because I sure am.  First of all, leaving Sierra Vista was so so hard but I am loving my new area.  It is wonderful to be back in the city of Tucson.  I am just trying to get used to all the cars and people and missing my Sierra Vista mountains.  Good news it is warmer here than it was there!  My new companion is Sister Squire and she is from Boise, Idaho!  Holla at your Idaho girl’s workin’ it in Tucson!  And oh my goodness have we been working!  This area is so awesome and we have been so busy.  Probably because there are a lot more people to talk to in Tucson… I am serving in the Pantano ward and Bear Canyon ward.  So last transfer the Sister’s pink washed Pantano so the ward is still adjusting.  And then this transfer, President decided we should also pink wash Bear Canyon so everything is really new.  There have already been some crazy miracles happening.  We found three new investigators in three days… I LOVE TUCSON!  (Pink washing is white washing but done by Sister’s, hahaha.) 

Sneak Peak at my new companion, Sister Squires!


The ward mission leader really fulfills his responsibility in trying to find people for the missionaries to teach.  He decided to pray specifically that he would know who he should invite to hear the gospel that could meet with us the next day.  The next day at work he saw his co-worker and felt prompted that she was the one, but he got scared and didn’t approach her.  So that night he prayed for courage and two days later he invited her.  Kathryn, the co-worker, is incredible and so prepared for us.  We have met with her twice already this week and she has a baptismal date! All because last weekend Bro ther Flannery decided to extend an invitation. It was such a powerful lesson for us and for other members to see how overcoming fears and inviting friends can bless everyone!!  It also reinforces the truth that Heavenly Father is in the details of our lives.  He comes to our rescue and will use those who pray to be helpful to Him.

This week we invited Kathryn to be baptized she was like, “well, yes, I have always wanted to get baptized.” Again this whole experience has taught me that we never know when someone is ready or when they aren’t but God does. God gives us opportunities and sometimes we take them and sometimes we don’t.  We met with a less active lady this week and her name is KeyIn.  In the middle of the lesson I felt I needed to share the parable of the lost sheep.  I began to pull out my scriptures and looked over at Sister Squire who had just turned open her scriptures and guess what she had them open to – THE PARABLE OF THE LOST SHEEP.  It was so inspired.  As we shared the story with KeyIn, it immediately softened her.  She teared up and told us she was ready to come home.  It was a powerful moment.

Other fun facts of this ward- TAMMY. Anyone remember Tammy from my first area?? Guess what she is now in the Bear Canyon ward and I am her missionary again!!  So stoked for that!

Funny story.  We met with a dude named Vince who was attempting to “read” the Book of Mormon.  He could not get very far because on the contents page (haha yes he only made it that far) he saw the word, Omni, and decided that made it illegitimate.  We attempted to testify of the truth of the BOM, but he interupts, trying to guess my astrology sign and what country my ancestor’s are from because my eyes were crazy.  SO IRRELEVANT VINCE. 

Hope you are all having a fantastic week. It is Christmas so you better. Enjoy the snow.  It did happen to get below freezing the other night and we had some frost on our window in the morning- so it is cold here too! Love ya.

Sis packer

Sister Ray is ready to leave the nest!





Pday activity:  Egg Roulette



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