This Way to Salvation

Letter from December 5th, 2016

Hey fam!

I’m sure you have all been waiting on the edge of your seats to hear the rest of the Hammond’s story.  Did they get baptized?   

On Saturday at 12 pm the Hammond FAMILY was baptized!  Their Uncle Mike came into town all the way from Florida to perform the baptism and confirmation! It was such a special day.  It was one of the most beautiful baptismal services I have ever attended. There is nothing more amazing or more wonderful than seeing a whole family progress together!  Watching Darla enter the waters of baptism truly felt like witnessing a miracle. The whole room was packed with support from this wonderful ward here in Sierra Vista. The young women sang a musical number and Darla and the girls bawled their eyes out. Jeff even gave the closing prayer and it was the first time we have ever heard him pray. 

Sierra, Darla and Jordan


The next morning they were all confirmed and received the gift of the holy ghost.  I felt the spirit so strongly.  I know that Heavenly Father has been preparing this family for a long time and things finally all came together. 

I’m really not the best at describing things but it has been one of the best weekends of my mission and words cannot express how happy I am for this family. 

Grandma and Grandpa Hammond, Jeff, Heidi, Jordan, Darla, Sierra, Mike and Maya Hammond


After the baptism Saturday night, Darla had a big dinner at their house and invited like, half the ward.  It was so much fun.   She was talking to us and Bishop Evershed and she says, “The sister’s are my trail guides. They stand there with big signs that say ‘This way to Salvation.” Hahaha, it was a funny moment but as I thought about it I realized she was right!  We really don’t do much but stand there with signs and hope that the people we talk to will notice and follow the signs.  And Darla is a perfect example of following the signs.  Their family has found true happiness and now have a goal to get to the temple! 

The closing song we sang at the baptism was Silent Night.  It wasn’t a normal baptismal program type of song but it was so perfect.  I got choked up as we sang it.  I know that it’s because of the miracle of the birth of our Savior that we are able to have these modern miracles as well.  We are able to use and be blessed by the priesthood power and holy ghost because of our Savior’s atonement.  The third verse call him “The son of God, Love’s pure light.” His gospel is one of love. We witnessed so much love this weekend it was almost overwhelming!  The spirit was present all weekend to remind us of his love and the light that comes from it. Keep sharing the light everyone! Love ya

Sister Packer

P.S.  I will most likely be transferred out of Sierra Vista.  We find out what is happening this Saturday night and then next Tuesday I will be gone from here!  Thank you for the fun birthday stuff!  We made the cupcakes and gave them all away!  

I turned 67 years old at the Rawling’s House




Roadkill you don’t see everyday back home:  This is a Havelena



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