The Creator is an Odd Duck?!

Letter from Nov. 28, 2016

Well, the creator is not an actual duck.  According to a guy we met this week though, he is an odd duck and I would agree that sometimes His ways seem odd, but God has a way of making things work out. It was a long week.  Not going to lie.  Holidays are hard because literally no one wants to meet with you… NOBODY.  Our district meeting was moved to Thursday so we could have a semi-productive day.  Typically after our meetings we all eat lunch together, but everything was closed because of Thanksgiving, so we ended up at Sonic… on Thanksgiving… yep.  Never going to forget this Thanksgiving! hahaha.  No worries we did enjoy a nice Thanksgiving meal with President Haw’s and his family (he’s the stake president in this area and lives in our ward)  We played a crazy animal game that involved animal signs, noises and lots of clapping… a regular homestyle get-together.  So Thanksgiving was still fun-filled!

Despite the slow week we still had some successes!  To start off I need to tell you three words: KEITH. DARLA. PIE. or in other words- MIRACLE. MIRACLE. MIRACLE.

It was in the middle of sacrament and I was saying a prayer to myself when Sister Ray smacks me (kinda hard but who can blame here she got excited), and whisper/shouted- KIETH IS HERE!!!! and there he was beard and all, in his dirty jeans and hoodie sitting all the way in the back.  Wow it was a miracle.  We decided about two weeks ago to kind of back off with Keith because he didn’t seem to want to keep any commitments.  So we aren’t sure what gave him the motivation to come.  He did manage to sneak out during the closing prayer so stay tuned for more Keith sightings next week.

We thought our day couldn’t get better.  It did.  The Hammond’s came to the church for the girls to get their baptism interviews sunday afternoon. Sierra went in first and Sister Ray and I were talking with Jordan about her day in primary when Jeff gets our attention. Darla was crying.  In between tears she said- could he do three interviews today? AHHHHHHHHHHHH!  We were so stunned we didn’t respond!  So she says again- guys I want to get baptized.  Finally we managed to choke out a “YES most likely!” and I had Sis Ray sit down and start going over interview questions with her while I called President. We had to get this one approved because we have a normal rule that someone needs to be living the word of wisdom two weeks prior to the baptism and she was starting right then only a week before the baptism.  President gave us the thumbs up on the terms that she starts now and clearly understands the “why” behind the word of wisdom.  I came out and Sister Ray and I discussed that with her. S he knows that it is for her body and her spirit to be spiritually clean and prepared for more guidance from the Lord. She knows that by following the commandments she can have the holy ghost with her and she said she is ready for this step. WOW WHAT A MIRACLE!  I get chills thinking about it.

I have enjoyed working with this family so much.  It is awesome to see the journey and progression that they have had together!  I know that the spirit has been working on Darla especially.  I remember the first time we were at their house and she told us she didn’t like our church meetings!  She has had such a sincere heart and real intent as she sought out answers.  Now she doesn’t care if our songs are more “serious” than her previous church. She says that she is ready to commit to the lord.  Please keep her in your prayers this week.

And the last miracle of all – PIE.  We received the funniest text from our ward mission leader this week which said- “sisters, the pie has arrived.” Of course we needed no further explanation – we went to his house and he gave us pie, and it was the best celebratory pie EVER!

Well I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving- we have so much to be grateful for!!  If you have not already watched the new Christmas video the church released, DO IT!  and commit to the Christmas initiative of 25 days of service. DO IT DO IT DO IT.  I think this initiative is inspired and it is an excellent way to share the gospel- share the video- share the love!!! DO IT DO IT DO IT.

Love, Sister Packer

The “blimp” above Sierra Vista


Happy Thanksgiving from Sonic!



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