The Bugs

Letter from November 21, 2016

This week Sister Ray and I got some weird stomach bug and it was just super fun!  Our digestive system has not been working right at all, apparently its been going around.  Whatever.  I think we’ve worked through it though, haha.  So sorry for the short email. We did not do as much as we usually do.  I did manage to give my companion a black eye though.   She was just really annoying me so i punched her.  Just kidding, it was actually a broom that gave her the black eye.  OK so I was holding the broom… She was standing behind me and I didn’t notice she was there and… oops!  

This week I also hunted for illegal foreigners coming across the mountains into Sierra Vista, USA.  We were at our ward mission leaders house one night and he got out all this gear and showed us his night vision scopes and stuff.  He showed us pictures he’s taken on his binoculars of people coming through.  It was really cool hi tech stuff.  Sadly, we didn’t spot anybody that night and i felt like the biggest creeper EVER.  If i was ever going to stalk someone, I would use his gear…

Branden got called as a ward missionary on Sunday which was awesome.  Best calling he could ask for to help him prepare for a mission (which by the way, he has also started attending mission prep). We had our last lesson with him this week.  Im gonna miss those lessons very much. 

Anyway, we invited Darla to be baptized this week and she said she isn’t quite ready yet. She is still needing to take “baby steps”.  She is reading the Book of Mormon!  Ah, anyway I’m looking forward to it finally being Christmas season.  The Christmas initiative will start the day after Thanksgiving- everybody go watch the video on because it is going to AWESOME!  I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and give lots of thanks.  I know this Thanksgiving I am grateful for my family and friends and grateful that I have this opportunity to serve the Lord.  I am grateful for my Savior.  I have been studying the New Testament lately and it has been so cool to read and understand more about the Savior’s life and see how simple He has made this gospel.  I know that it really is a gospel of love.   I LOVE YOU ALL.

Bye ✌️️💜  Sister Packer



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