Hard to Say Goodbye

Letter from December 12, 2016

Time to say goodbye! (sung in opera voice by Brother Rawling’s in your head).  So Good news first.

Okay Best news first!  We happen to have all of the stake presidency in our wards and so we got to have dinner with President Haw’s family Wednesday night. He mentioned that Elder Dube from the quorum of the seventy was coming to speak for Stake Conference.  He also said that one of the families he wanted to take Elder Dube to meet was the Hammond’s.  And then he invited us to come out with them!!  So Saturday afternoon we went to a lesson with the Stake President and Elder Dube. WOW!  It was so cool.  It was a short visit and the Hammond’s got to tell Elder Dube how they came into the church.  Near the end of their story Brother Hammond turned to Elder Dube and said that we were their 3rd or 4th set of missionaries, but that what he felt really made a difference was the fact that we could relate the priesthood in terms for women and that we had also brought members to every lesson.  Wow, right after he said that Elder Dube just turned and gave us the most proud look Iv’e ever seen.  I won’t ever forget that.  It was like the look you get from your dad when you finally get up on a pair of water ski’s, or bring home an A on a test.  To top of the visit, we got a picture with Elder Dube…. IN SANTA HATS!  He is one cool dude.

Elder Dube… in a santa hat!!!


And now for the sad news next.  I’M LEAVING SIERRA VISTA.  And my heart has broken so many times this week.  I didn’t realize how close I had grown with so many of these people and I love them so much!  I don’t want to leave them!  I am so very grateful that I have had these four transfers in SV.  I have grown and learned so much from my companions, from the members, and from those we have taught.  Last Sunday as the Hammond family got confirmed, I knew I was done. The spirit whispered to me that my work here was done and it was time to move on. As hard as that is, I know its time.

I am headed back to the big city!  Central Tucson here I come – holllaaaaa!!!

I don’t have much else to say this week- not much time! More next week for sure.   I love you all!  Lot’s of pictures to share of all the great people here.

Love, Sister Packer

*From Lisa:  We also got a letter from President Passey today.  He has called Jessica to be a Sister Trainer Leader in the mission.  “She will train and support missionaries in her district as they seek to invite others to come unto Christ.  She will be an active part of the leadership council.”


The Rawling’s Family








Had dinner with one of my mom’s childhood BFF’s – Amy Johnson




Sister Passey


President Passey



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