Today Has Been a Hard Week!

Letter from October 24th, 2016

Dear family and friends,

Just so you know, the title of this email doesn’t make sense, but hopefully conveys my feelings. Ahhhhhhhrg!  I feel like I can summarize this week in two sentences: We dropped people, cars are stupid and so are people and clothing racks stink.  But Costco rocks and I have a lot of popcorn.  So first off, we had to drop our investigator Jim this week.  And it made me SO sad.  I have been teaching him since I got to Sierra Vista.  I have seen him progress and learn to recognize the spirit as he reads the Book of Mormon. However, he informed us that despite these things he just cannot logically get over his hang ups on Joseph Smith and become a member of the church.  I love Jim and his honesty.  He really sincerely wants to find truth but I believe he is scared to commit. Scared to take a leap of faith.  He did say he would continue to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it.  Maybe now just isn’t his time.  But I do firmly believe that if he really does read it like he said he would he will one day know that this is Christ’s kingdom on the earth, and he will find his place in it.   And then on the same day we had to drop Elizabeth. 


Now I will tell you why cars are stupid.  They are stupid because they are so easy to break!  Yes dad, I did it again.  So our beautiful Captain Teancum has a small bean shaped dent in the front fender.  Sometimes when you decide to do service at an alpaca ranch you have to go down a hill of dirt and gravel to park.  Sometimes it’s steeper and slicker than you expected.  This sometimes results with you accidentally bumping into the car you are trying to park next to. 😬 Thankfully, the other car barely had a scratch and Lou Ann could have cared less.  And thankfully Elder Andersen is a very forgiving vehicle coordinator who helped me fill out an incident report. Ha. Oh the joys of life. 😑  Oh yes and our clothing rack (because our apartment is so small we don’t have a closet, just a rack) broke and our clothes had to chill on the kitchen table for half the week.  But what a blessing it is to have a kitchen table right?!  Also at one of our dinner appointments this week, Kennely Cooper told us that she and two friends were walking home and had a ‘clown experience’.  You know the week is going downhill fast when someone gets chased by a clown here in freaking Sierra Vista. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  I’m never leaving the apartment again. 😨😨😨😨😨 😂  What a week guys, what a week.   The good news is that we were in Tucson on Friday and Sister Ray has a Costco card.  We went to the magical land of Costco. It was like stepping through the wardrobe to Narnia, but better because there were free samples and giant bags of popcorn.  Balance restored!!!

We met with Sierra and Jordan this week twice.  They are doing awesome.  Sierra accepted the invitation to be baptized- YAAAAYYYYYY- on November 26th. So excited for her. Jordan said this to the invite- “No thanks. I’m going to have to decline that offer.  I have to prepare for my dogs birthday and I don’t think I’ll have time to prepare for a baptism too.” Lol Jordan, maybe we can work something out. The dogs birthday was yesterday so we will try again next week. We have had some interesting moments with these two girls! They are definitely a handful at times, but it is cool to see how they are coming to enjoy the gospel and enjoy attending church.  Jordan got to be a part of the primary program this Sunday!  The women in the ward are taking Darla under their wing.  Hereford ward is still the bomb.  

The last thought I want to leave you with is this scripture- Mathew 7:21  

21 ¶Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.

I came across this during personal study and I have kind of fallen in love with it this week. One of the ideas Satan tries to plant in our brains is that to hear the word is enough or that to declare our belief is enough.  This clearly states that it is not enough.  Mack Lawerence of the seventy said- “Please note that it is insufficient to just hear the word of God in gatherings such as this conference. In order to have God’s word impact our lives–to receive the promised blessings–we must follow it.”  Sierra is willing to follow and do.  She is such a great example of childlike humility and submission.  She is ready to do whatever He asks.  I know that it is hard to do his will.  I often want to question His will.  But how comforting is it to know that he that doeth His will, will return to Him?  I am grateful that the Lord helps us to do His will. He does want us to learn and grow which means we will be subject to some hard times but He stays with us the whole time.  I love my Savior and my Heavenly Father.  I love having Sister Ray as a companion and love, love, love this area.

Love you guys, Sister Packer

Our favorite signs so far… “Signs are Stupid!”  hahaha

This guy named Troy who had the coolest cars.  He is a hot rodder.  He taught us a bit about the car world.

We spent today in Bisbee for pday.  It’s an old high hippie mining town.


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