Happy Halloween

Letter from October 31, 2016

Hey guess what. ITS HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!


Super Sisters – to the rescue!

Not much to tell for this week! Just more of the same old stuff.  Good stuff though.  Sister Ray and I finished out the last week of the transfer strong and are ready to work hard another six weeks together.  We just started a 40 day fast in the 2nd ward.  Different families sign up for different days to fast for missionary work!  It is going to start November first and we are excited to see what it will bring!!   Sometimes we just look around at the scene we are sitting in and laugh too.  Like last night at the Heckert’s.  While Joseph sat answering a question he had one hand over his little brother’s mouth who was also trying to talk while he laid across him backwards.  Solomon sat behind him picking his nose, analyzing the ‘product’, and then proceeding to eat it.  And Mathew was sprawled underneath his feet slowly rolling back and forth, blinking like he was having a seizure.  Haha what a family.  They remind me of FHE back home, JK.  


The district

This week during sacrament meeting Jordan took the bread and the water (BIG SUCESS) and then proceeded to tell us that she would continue to take the sacrament AND get baptized because she wanted as many blessings as she could get from Heavenly Father.   We were so excited!! She and Sierra are going to be baptized on the same day but they have to talk to some family before setting the official date!  Proud of these girls and what they are doing. Jordan also informed us that she was able to overcome the dog situation by giving her dog the missionary lessons so that he too can learn to be a good Christian. She’s so funny!

 Randal we love you. Randal we do. When we’re apart our hearts beat for yooouuuuu. Ahhhh we freaking love Randal and how much he freaking loves Jesus!  We had a crazy lesson with him!  We were teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and as we started discussing baptism Randal totally opened up to us about the hard life he has had.  He told he has a hard time forgiving himself because he feels like his two kids will never know why he had to leave them.  I can’t begin to say how thankful I am for members that are so willing to help us missionaries.  Brother Rawlings swooped into the conversation, with tear-filled eyes, and told this heartbreaking story about the day his dad left him but as he got older he understood why and was able to build a relationship with him.  And we all testified that God and the Savior would be able to mend those broken relationships and heal his family. Randal also wants to get baptized so he can have the Holy Ghost to help him do these things.  Oh and also he said he was gonna get us some dope fire department shirts- please  follow through on that dear Randal!

 Last one is Branden.  He is so dope.  Guess what he told us?!   BRANDEN IS GOING TO SERVE A MISSION!  He is going to be talking with the bishop this week about it.  I guess those missionary chapters in Alma really moved him to action.  He feels it’s what he needs to do with his life.  Six weeks ago this kid wasn’t even active- how cool is that?!  Wanna know why he is active???  HE READ THE BOOK OF MORMON.  This guy is living proof that the Book of Mormon changes hearts.  The first time we met with him he didn’t know what he was going to do with his life, but he accepted the invitation to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it.  And gradually, week by week, he began to feel the Holy Ghost work within him.  He truly feasted upon the words of Christ and he has changed so much, so quickly.  His family is very excited to see this change and so are we,  Sister Ray and I.   He is going to be such a good missionary!

Amongst some of the crude humor and ill-placed comments people sometimes honor us with this week,  I did manage to have a few spiritual thoughts.  A very simple one too. I LOVE JESUS.  My testimony of my Savior grows SO much every day.  I honestly can’t even put into words how I feel about my Savior.  Definitely grateful. The more I learn about Him, the more I want to be like Him and follow Him.  The spirit converts me more and more every day.  I know that the spirit has testified to me that Jesus Christ is the son of God and that He truly is the one who will redeem us from our sins.  I know that by following His example and entering into the waters of baptism we just begin to accept Him.  We begin to follow Him through the gate and down the path to eternal life.  I have begun to realize how important it is to love Him and our Father in Heaven above everything else.  They loved us first.   Hope you are all having wonderful days this week!

Peace out Homies, Sis Packer

Happy Halloween


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