Every Morning and Every Night

Letter from October 14, 2016

Hey family!

If it is possible for sacrament meeting to be lit- then I would say that was the status of Hereford ward this week.  It was poppin!  The Hammond’s ALL came to church.  When the sacrament began, Jordan (age 10) leans over and says to me, “I don’t want to take that.  I’m not really hungry or thirsty right now.” Hahaha, but she also asked her mom if they could come every week.  Yes Jordan yes you can!  Also, Branden came!  Finally!!!!  Brother Rawlings told us that he had spoken with another one of our investigators, Randal,  and he was supposed to come and so we were watching the doors so closely waiting for our last compadre to show up – but not before sacrament meeting started.  We both sat there in sacrament and prayed that he would come.  And guess what?  Nothin. THEN. On the way out of gospel principles, we went walking past the foyer and BAM! There’s RANDAL. (Hallelujah chorus plays) it was awesome!  So big party in the Hereford ward with everyone there.  

Some cool experiences that we had this week:  We had two lessons with Sierra and Jordan Hammond.  All I can say is God has been preparing them and preparing us for them!  Wow!  At the beginning of the second lesson we were getting ready to read some of the Book of Mormon together.  Sierra, who is thirteen, showed us this bookmark she had made for hers.  On one side it said- “This Book of Mormon belongs to Sierra Hammond”. On the other side it said- “Jesus Christ is the Savior. I have felt the Holy Ghost and I know it is real and true.” AHHHHH. We felt so much happiness. She was so ready and open to feel the Holy Ghost and let God’s love into her life.  And they LOVE it. The spirit has been so strong in each lesson.  I know it’s because these girls are inviting it in.  They aren’t just curious, they really sincerely want to feel God’s love.

Randal had a lesson with us on Sunday.  We haven’t seen him in two or three weeks.  He even acknowledged how hard Satan has been working on him but because of some awesome fellowshipping going on he felt like he could come to church.  Thank you Brother Rawlings!  Teaching him the first lesson was crazy.  He still has such a strong testimony of the Savior and he said he will never lose hope because he knows his Savior.  This lesson was also very special to us because it helped us reach a goal we had set for the week. We wanted to be able to teach a certain number of lessons and were one short.  We prayed and had been thinking up plans to help us achieve our goal while at church and then Randal showed up and we asked him and it just worked our perfectly.  Thank you Heavenly Father.

Okay – okay, this is probably the best one.  We’ve been doing new member lessons with Joseph Heckert and doing family home evening’s with the whole family.  So there are 11 kids in this family.  Sister Ray was teaching them about enduring to the end and she asked what they could do every morning and night. Their responses? Solomon- “EAT BREAKFAST!”  Sebastian- “GO POOP!” Kid’s responses are golden!  Now you too know what you can do morning and night.  


Other happenings of the week:  We became bff’s with some alpacas.  We spent one day in Wilcox after a meeting up there and were stranded there with the Passey’s and the AP’s.  We also got free matching shirts.  We became professional cement pourers and fence fixers.  We prayed every night not to be attacked by clowns.  We discovered the beauty of ghost Reese’s peanut butter cups. It was a solid effective week.



 In my personal reading, I finished the Book of Mormon this week.  It is the best book I have ever read.  I know it’s true.  I know that it was meant for these days and that I was meant to read those words.  I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet and that he was able to translate this book for us through God’s power.  I am so grateful for him and his life.  I love seeing how the Book of Mormon strengthens me daily but even more, how it strengthens the people here.  Seeing the Hammond’s and Branden read this week and hearing their experiences that they are having with this book strengthens my testimony so much and makes me feel such joy.  It was meant for them!   To be able to read these words and know that this gospel is true.  And we can all do that!  We can all read and pray every morning and night so that we can always KNOW it’s true.   Ready, Set, Go do it!

Love, Sister Packer



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