Everything is Purple Swag

Letter from September 26, 2016

Dear Family,         

Okay first I will tell you about my new companion!  I am training again.  Sis Ray is from the Los Angeles area.  She is 20 years old and went to two years of college at BYUI and BYU Provo before coming out.  Most importantly, I feel like we get along really well. We have a lot in common.  She told me of her love for A$AP Rocky and the Red Sox and I said “Sis Ray, President is INSPIRED.” She obviously has good taste.  This transfer is going to be so dope.  We already found matching ugly sweaters and socks to wear together!  How much better could it get?!


Tuesday I picked her up at the transfer site and we were able to find a ride back to our car which was parked in Benson. Then we headed off to the wonderful land of Sierra Vista.  The most exciting part of the day was explaining the army blimp to her.  I told her the aliens had landed in Sierra Vista first to watch. When she didn’t believe that, I told her someone tried to make a giant, white, flying goldfish model.  Truth- it’s the army’s blimp that they put in the sky everyday and it runs surveillance…boarder control.

Our first lesson was with Branden!  Wow, it was a powerful first lesson for Sister Ray!  We taught him the plan of salvation.  He knew less than we thought he did.  We asked him if he read the Book of Moron. He said that he reads every day and is almost to 2 Nephi.  We asked him if he is praying and he said,  “oh yes, I’m trying to.”  What the???  YAY BRANDEN.  Everyone should keep commitments like this all-star.  At the end of the lesson we invited him to say the closing prayer and specifically ask God for an answer on whether the Book of Mormon is true or not.  So of course he said yes!  And in the middle of his prayer he got all choked up and he finished and expressed that he feels like God is answering him.  Sadly, he is leaving for vacation for a couple weeks but he said he would come to church with us when he gets back.

Our other crazy lesson this week was with Jim. The spirit was SO strong.  Jim is so very close.  He has finally started reading the Book of Mormon so we discussed the differences between Nephi and Laman.  He made the comment that Laman and Lemuel weren’t evil, they just weren’t obedient.  We also talked about the feelings he gets as he reads the Book of Mormon.  He described it as peace and more patience for his day.  So we asked if he thought God would give him those feelings if the book were not true and he kinda tip-toed around the question. Then he was quiet for a long time (this was one of those moments where you start to sweat and think oh crap, too bold) and he said God only sends truth.  YES JIM YES!  He did admit that he is scared to commit though because he knows it would be a major life style change for him. He is praying about a November 5th baptismal date.

Saturday we had a cool experience.  We had a few things we wanted to do before Women’s Conference and only about an hour and a half… not sure we had time to fit it all in.  Anyway we made our plan but for whatever reason it got switched up.  We visited a family who were very much not interested in the gospel so it led us to the next thing on the list which was to stop by the dollar store, right?!  As we were walking up this older lady was trying to get her cart out of the door and we opened it and helped her.  Then she took a double take at our tags and was like, “hey I know you guys!”  Turns out her husband was a member and he had just passed away a few weeks ago.  She told us she’d like us to come visit her next week!  The timing was crazy!!  It was cool to see how the spirit led us there and had us in just the right place at the right time.

Okay, women’s conference was insane!  My heart was so full.  President Uchtdorf is a silver fox.  That man is stealing everybody’s hearts.  But I loved how he talked about listening differently – and Sister Ray and I were able to use that in our lesson with Jim the very next day!  I loved the emphasis on gaining a bedrock understanding of the doctrine of Christ.  That is our purpose as missionaries is to share the doctrine of Christ!!!  So it was cool to see them telling even church members to understand it so they can really live it!  Another funny highlight of our week was when we taught a lesson to a man who was soooo high!  Lol that was funny!  Love you all.  And have fun listening to the prophet this weekend wahoooooooooo so stoked!!!!!!!!🙌🙌🙌

Sister Packer



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