Repentance and Investigator-itos

Letter from October 10, 2016

Hi Fam,

Tres investigatoritos.  That’s my spanish for three investigators.  NEW INVESTIGATORS! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Yesssss.  So we met with the Hammond family on Tuesday night. Brother Hammond is a member but wife and two girls are not. So they feel like it would be a good idea for the girls to know where he came from (UTAH) and what his religion was/is. His wife Darla told us she had been to some of our services in the past and she didn’t like them because the songs were depressing.  I think she is used to “praise Jesus hallelujah” music and we on the reverent side of things.  Maybe we can resolve that concern, haha.  Then the other night we met with… KEITH and Keith’s daughter Camille.  Keith is literally the funniest guy ever and a true homie.  One day he is going to make me my dream car, we have already discussed it.  He is divorced and raised his four kids by himself.  Anyway, we had an awesome talk about family and the importance of gospel principles within the family with them. And then we also talked about God and prayer.  Camille has never said a prayer before.  Ever.  She’s not even sure somebody is up there.  We taught her how to pray and while she wouldn’t pray right there with us, she said she was going to this week. Very cool. And so that is how we have three new investigators and it is CRAZY!  We are pretty stoked about it.


Ok so from the pictures I might look like I got a bit abused,  we did service and were cutting and moving wire fence and I have scratches all up my arms and hands…  To go along with the beautiful scratches I have a wonderful sunburn line.  I had a head band on my head too so I have a line across my forehead.  Awesome!  Somehow we have survived the week.  I don’t know if I have talked about the Perkin’s before or not.  But they are a cool couple we are teaching the temple prep lessons too.  Brother Perkins is deaf because of a tumor in his brain and Sister Perkins used to be deaf but she got a cochlear implant so she can hear most now.  It’s been pretty fun to teach them.  We use a white board, a flip book and our iPads.  And we now have an elder in the area who just came from the ASL branch in Tucson so he has started coming to help us too and it’s been a lot of fun to see Bother Perkins learn sign language!  He gets so excited to learn a new way to communicate.  


So Wednesday, we had zone meeting.  And guess what those zone leaders made me do? A training. Ahhhhhh.  I had to give a training on how to teach repentance.  Maybe they felt like I needed to repent so they had me teach it, Jk.  First time doing one by myself and I was so nervous.  But I didn’t pass out or teach false doctrine (as far as I know).  I’m actually glad for the opportunity because I really got to study repentance, how it ties in perfectly with the atonement and how it helps convert people.  Some of the cool things I found interesting in my studies was that we are looking for a change of heart before the Lord.  We can change our behavior but our hearts cannot be changed without the atonement.  There is this quote from Elder Oaks- “We must also be changed from a morally weak person who has sinned into a strong person with the strength to resist sin and the spiritual stature to dwell in the presence of God.”  Repentance is the change necessary to become more like our Heavenly Father and leads us to purification and sanctification.  My favorite scripture I found was Helaman 12:24 and it talks about how repentance can restore us to grace.  And as we continually follow a pattern of daily repentance we become stronger and stronger which brings us a true change of heart and true repentance.  Repentance has come to mean a lot to me.  But more because of my Savior and what He did for me.  He saves me from earthly sorrow.  From feeling like I have literally no hope and should just give up.  When we feel that way, like we just can’t keep going, we can remember that he kept going.  So even though our strength is spent, His isn’t.  Godly sorrow is having hope that even though we have messed up- and will continue to mess up- we can repent and become better.  We can be forgiven, we can do all we can and we can be restored to his grace.  Repentance is a happy and hopeful doctrine, and we have it because of Jesus Christ!  He  brings me so much hope!  Okay I’ll be done with my spill.

Love, Sister Packer




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