Just Believe

Letter from October 3, 2016

Hi Everyone,

Last Sunday was Fast Sunday and Sister Ray and I fasted for new investigators to teach. Since Monday and Tuesday past, we still hadn’t found anything.  Then Wednesday night the elders called us and gave us the number for a man who was at one point a member of the church but was excommunicated about six years ago. He called them because he wants to come back!  We went out and met with him.  Haha his favorite songs to rock out to are from the EFY 2001 album!   He was definitely an answer to our prayers.  He has a rough road ahead of him but we think he is going to make it and we are excited to start working with him.  And hopefully his wife too!  THEN on Friday at dinner we ate with a member and her parents.  Turns out her parents aren’t members.  We shared the first lesson as our dinner message and invited her mother to read the Book of Mormon.  She said she was still Catholic but that she would read it.  And we were able to set up a time to come back and meet with her!  Thank you Heavenly Father.

Update on Jim.  He came to the Saturday morning session of conference and he really seemed to enjoy it. He left on vacation yesterday and won’t be back until next Sunday.  But he did say he was taking his Book of Mormon with him so he could read and ponder while he sat on the beaches of Mexico. Lol sounds great.

We met with a lot of inactive people this week.  One lives way out in the boonies of Hereford and we seriously debated not driving all the way out there.  But he has been on our list and we decided to just go.  He has a dope goatee, and he has been thinking about coming back to church.  Weird how God puts us right where we need to be, huh?  He invited us to come back next Saturday when his two daughters will be home.  We were really STOKED; still are actually.

Sister Ray and I throughly enjoyed spiritual Christmas this weekend – Conference.  Every session was a good session!  One of my favorite talks was by Elder Russel M. Nelson about Joy.  I couldn’t even take notes because I wouldn’t have been able to keep up with him. Every word was gold.  I loved how he talked about going day by day and finding joy as we endure, rather than just trying to attain joy.  It’s a process.  I also liked how he emphasized that joy isn’t found through the philosophies of men.   Another talked I LOVED was by Elder Bednar.  I liked how he talked about not just knowing Christ but believing in Him, personally.  I think it is easy to talk about him and what he did.  We do it everyday out here but we also have to believe that it all applies to us too.  We can’t just know all the answers, we have to believe that what he promises can work for us individually.  We can know about the atonement and know it is true, but that doesn’t mean we believe it will work for us.  How it works is through us believing it will work and that we will receive his assurances and promises.  Also the talk about putting things into gear was really good.  I felt that there was an overall theme to joy in the doctrine of Christ. Pretty cool cause that is literally our purpose as missionaries. We gotta live it.  They also emphasized that His doctrine is the ONLY WAY back to our Heavenly Father.  And that’s not a scary doctrine but a hopeful one.  In the words of my one and only G-eazy – “my future is bright and my view is clear. Imma do it- imma get it dear, there is no way I could lose this year. Just believe, just believe.” Mmm Hmmm!  Pretty sure he was talking about the doctrine of Christ right…?  It gives us a bright future and a clear view!  And if we just believe in Him we can do it and accomplish all we need to.

Okay so a little bit more about Sister Ray.  She did grow up a member of the church and she is planning on going back to BYU when she goes home.  I appreciate so much about her.  Her sense of humor and her patience in me is awesome.  She is a super chill girl and I really love her!  

Have a good week, Love Sister Packer!

Pday with the District



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