The Story of the Dream Team Continues

Letter from Sept. 5, 2016

Two missionaries. One week. Three new investigators. Two baptism dates. One baptism. Three hundred thousand bunnies.  A few weeks ago Sister Waldron and I had talked to these people who had met with missionaries before and said they would be interested in having us share our message.  They had told us to come back but when we did they were never home.  Well this week we finally got in touch with them again!  Haha, we knocked on the door and the husband, Max, opens it and says,  “OH Mormons! Come on in guys!”  Wait really?? They were excited to have us there, they even offered us wine TWICE, haha. No thanks.  We started to talk about God’s plan for us and wow, they got deep.  Max knew his bible from cover to cover.  He didn’t necessarily want to bible bash, he just politely disagreed with with everything.  Honestly, some of their questions I felt like I didn’t know how to answer. They asked us to come back on Sunday, so when we did I brought a member from our Sierra Vista ward that I really admire.  Brother Drake teaches gospel principles right now and he is explains things in such a sensible way.   We had some good discussion with Max and Mindy.  But ultimately they couldn’t  agree with the way we view God and a few other points of doctrine. It’s easy to promise that reading the Book or Mormon and praying sincerely for your heart’s answers will work and there WILL be an answer.  But first you have to believe in God and that He will answer a human’s prayer.  They don’t… yet.  I hope we will be able to teach better that the fundamental doctrine of God and how we can communicate with him and that He can help us more than we realize.  It did make me a little sad because I want them to have the gospel.  He was willing to read the book but wasn’t sure he would pray about it.  How sad?!  Sometimes we felt like he was trying to convert us to his ways.  He did say one of us is right and one day  if it turns out we were right, well whatever, it’s all cool.  Frustrating.   

So in one week we found two new investigators and then had to drop them.  But we did find another new investigator.  We went to teach Elizabeth a lesson and her friend Alex decided she wanted to start sitting in on the lessons too!  They both read some of the Book of Mormon. They didn’t read like a chapter or anything but they randomly flipped through it and would read scriptures they found. We got to teach them the plan of salvation and talk about the good and bad decisions we make here on earth.  We brought a girl from the ward who is our age and was baptized also at 14 and she told them about her experience. We invited them to be baptized and they accepted a date!!!  We still have to tell them they need permission from their parents, so hopefully it’ll all come.  And oh I almost forgot! Angel’s baptism was Saturday!!!  Another successful jumpsuit jam.  It was awesome to see her make this step!  Starting to wonder though- what is it with us teaching fourteen year old girls?! Hahaha.  


Also, not only did I once upon a time deal with a crazy lady who had 90 cats but I have now eaten dinner at a crazy bunny lady’s house too!  LOL – Literally every  shelf in her house (and there were many) was covered with bunny decor.  My chair for dinner was right in between two display cabinets both stocked with random bunny figurines. They were watching me… creepiest thing.  She only has ten actual bunnies but every space of her house has to have something to do with bunnies on it. 😳  




Somehow we are still teaching Jim.  He expressed how he feels the Spirit in us and the people at church and how he wants it so badly but he just cannot get over the origins of the church. Aka the Joseph Smith story has some holes to him. Once again- READ THE BOOK OF MORMON!  We told him why keeping the commitments we give him are so important. It’s so you can know the truth. He first committed to keep commitments haha. Then he committed to read one chapter from the Book of Mormon every day this week and to pray about it.  The hardest part about missionary work is that it’s all up to the individuals. We can’t control if they read or if they don’t. So it’s ultimately up to them and how much they want the gospel and the truth in their lives.  Agency has definitely been a theme for the week! Sometimes it’s annoying other times we love it. We have 100% agency which in turn means we have 100% responsibility. We can’t make a person choose a certain ways and they can’t do that to us. But we all have to deal with the consequences of our actions and sometimes the consequences of other’s actions.  I am so thankful that I have the Saviors atonement to cover all of that.  And I know he is also there to be with me and hold my hand through the consequences as well.  

 Grateful for all of you, your prayers, and emails. LOVE YOU!

Sister Packer



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