The Lone Ranger

Letter from September 12, 2016

Once upon a time, on a hot September day in Arizona, Sister Packer wandered through the desert all alone… For a full hour and a half.  Just kidding, but really though.  Let me back up and tell you the whole story.


did not share the whole story last week.  Last Sunday night Sister Waldron and I spoke to President.  She has been having a big struggle with some health issues and is going to have to return home.  After speaking with President again Monday night we found out it would be in two days that she would be getting on a plane.  She served incredibly for the 5 weeks she was here.  I’m so proud of her and I know this is what’s best for her.  So it all happened very quickly.  Wednesday we had all of her stuff packed up and we drove up to Tucson to the mission home. Sis Waldron’s plane left early Thursday morning… and then I was companionless.😟


Luckily, I got adopted by the Casas Adobes Sisters.  I stayed with them in their area because there aren’t any other sister missionaries in my area of Sierra Vista.  I had a great time going back to my old area and with one of my old companions, Sister Daun.  I got to have some really fun experiences.  Thursday was the northwest zone’s temple trip so I got to go to the temple!  We got to go teach some of their investigators in a halfway house, and may have watched a sketchy deal go down right in the middle of the lesson. Lol, I miss you ghetto Tucson!!  What’s better than that?!  I got to go to a lesson with them to teach the Anzak family too.  I guess after Laneye went through the temple about a month ago, Mike decided he wanted to take the missionary lessons.  He now has a baptismal date and I’ve never seen those two more happy.  They are excited to be sealed together as a family!  And then to top it all off, Saturday was the baptism of John Lorch, Yvette’s husband, WOW!  And I’m not sure if you remember me writing about this one.  It is crazy to think just six months ago we were taking his wine!  And thinking he may never get baptized.  But he has made an incredible journey.  And since that night he has been sober and found the strength to overcome his addiction to smoking.  It was an awesome experience to see the progress he has made and be there for his special day.  The time in Tucson was definitely well spent.  I do miss that area and it brought back a lot of fun memories.  I got to see some of my favorite people.  Shout out to the Huntingtons and Christensen’s for once again feeding me amazing food.  And I got to go to lunch with Sister Schwartz and Tammy again! Love my bffs in the Casas ward. 💜 

New friends in the Northwest Zone!

Anyway, President called me Friday and said he had found someone to be my companion and keep Sierra Vista going with sister missionaries!  We still have one more week in this transfer. I was able to return to my own area Saturday afternoon and pick up Miss Christina Gross.  She is a recent convert of about a year in one of the wards in Sierra vista. She is going to be my companion for a week! Haha, it’s like a little mini mission for her. And then at transfers I will get an actual missionary companion.

 So this brings me back to the beginning of my email.  Saturday I was in Tucson and she was in Sierra Vista. I had to get back down to Sierra Vista and President said “yeah just drive down and pick her up.”  I said, “By myself, President?”  And he said, “no you will have the Holy Ghost as your companion!” Hahaha. So it was the weirdest thing ever but I was ALONE.  I drove ALONE. To Sierra vista.  Maybe that doesn’t sound too weird to all of you out there but for missionaries who are with someone literally 24/7, that’s really weird!  But no worries I survived. 😎

Lunch with Casas Adobe crew – Tammy, Kathy, Sis. Daun and Sis. Cook.  Then me driving back to Sierra Vista with my salad as a temporary companion.

Me with my “mini mission” companion, Christina Gross


 The week was kinda crazy but went by really fast!  Lots of ups and downs.  I can’t write in words how I miss Sister Waldron, please keep her in your prayers!  Love you all and thanks for the support.

Sis Packer

My Zone



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