Motherhood – Part 2

Letter from Sept. 19, 2016

It has been a strangely slow week! We didn’t teach a ton of lessons but we did teach a few important ones!  It’s been different.  My companion for the week hasn’t even been through the MTC so I was also teaching her how to teach.  But we had fun!  And I think she feels a lot more comfortable about going on her mission now too.  She will be getting her call in about a month!  It’s been funny because she takes everything I say very literally and wants to soak in everything. So I have had a lot of fun with that.  The question of who will be joining me for next transfer? Drum roll…… I have no idea! Hahaha. Really though.  I get to train again so I won’t find out till I go to the meeting tomorrow morning!  Back to our week and lessons – Elizabeth was one of those important ones.  We had her meet us at the church and we talked about some questions she had from reading the Book of Mormon and we took her on a church tour.  It was an awesome lesson!  And we ended in the chapel and talked about how sacred the sacrament is to us.  She offered a prayer there in the chapel and it was a very spiritual experience.  She is still planning on a baptism in October and it sounds like her mom has been supportive of her decision!  She also said she would come to church.

We had an interesting lesson with a less active young man. He is our age – 19! He was at one point considering a mission but then he stopped going to church.  His friend who is in our ward, left on a mission, broke some bones and had to come home for surgery.  This friend set up this appointment with us in hopes that we could help this young man come back to church and hopefully onto a mission.  It was fun to meet with people our own age.  Automatically gives us something to relate to!  We could tell he has a testimony.  He maybe just forgot about it for a little bit.  


One of our highlights this week was our temple trip. FINALLY.  I love the temple.  And I feel so so lucky because I got to go last week with the northwest zone and then AGAIN this week with my own zone.  Extra blessings for Sister Packer!  Joseph Heckert’s baptism was Saturday.  He is an adorable twelve year old who was adopted by the Heckert family.  He was baptized, confirmed, and received the Aaronic priesthood all in one weekend!  President called us up yesterday because Sister Gross is finishing up her mini mission.  I was to take her home after our dinner appointment Sunday night.  I got to surprise the Casas Adobes sisters by showing up on their doorstep once again!

 I was reading in Mormon this week.  And in chapter 8, Moroni takes over the record from his father and is telling everyone that he is all alone but is fulfilling the commandment his father had given him.  This week I have felt that to a certain degree,  like “SAME MORONI, SAME!”  Your study in the book of mormon reminded me of a quote that I found particularly helpful this week  “It is the wounded Christ who leads us through our moments of difficulty.  It is he who bears us up when we need more air to breath or direction to follow or eve more courage to continue.”  He is with us, He is always available.

Love you all, Sister Packer


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