Dat Fresh Guac Tho

Letter from August 22, 2016

It has been a slower week but we still had fun stuff happening!  Jacob is getting very excited for his baptism this Saturday.  His mom and dad both sat in on the lesson this week which was focused on temples.  His dad shared his experience of when he went through the temple as a youth and how special he remembers it being.  He then continued to tell Jacob about the Holy Ghost and how nice it is to feel it all the time.  He also told Jacob how he remembers the day it left him.  Wow, it was heartbreaking to hear that but we were able to promise his dad that it was something he could have again.  His dad knows he needs to come back to church and start living the gospel.  We feel like Jacob is going to be what starts the fire in his dad again.  Jacob is such a sweet boy and he wants his family to be sealed together so bad.  It is the cutest and most inspiring thing ever.  It makes me realize how lucky I am to already be sealed to my family.  I get to be with you crazies FOREVER!

Mesa Temple with Laneye


Thursday, Laneye Anzak (from the Casas Adobes ward in Tucson), went through the temple for the first time and we found a ride and got to go!  So it was a road trip up to Mesa.  It was a special day and Sister Waldron and I both felt very blessed to be able to go to the temple.  We both took family names and fasted that day and made the most out of the time we had there.  Nothing compares to the peace in the temple.  And that was something we both needed to feel this week!  It was awesome to see someone who had worked for this day and to be there with her.  The feeling was overwhelming.  It was a fun day!

Mesa Temple with Laneye


We did have one surprise Thursday night. M- dropped us. I was kind of relieved rather than depressed about it because I knew we were going to have to drop her the next time we saw her or next week because they weren’t keeping commitments and were no longer progressing.  M- thinks that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, but she won’t read it. She thinks all inspired things like that are from God.  All churches are good but she feels it doesn’t matter which you join. In a way, she is right.  Churches are good.  They tell us to do good things and they teach about Christ’s teachings.  But no other church on the earth has what we have.  We have the priesthood restored.  We have the AUTHORITY.  Sometimes it makes me so sad that some people will never understand how important that is.  There will always be a good and a better and a best.  Seek out the best and live it.  We have the best, the restoration of Christ’s church!  I feel like I’m bragging about the church… but that’s what I’m out here for, right???!

The last highlight of the week was our Saturday morning! We were up at 6:00am, out at the ranch we volunteer at once a week, helping with the cattle.  We gave all the heffer’s injections, new tags, and spray.  Then we helped with the tagging, branding, castrating, and immunizations of all the calves.  It was so dope.  We had a blast. And we smelled terrible!  I never imagined getting a kick out of something like this.  We didn’t have to rope and flank them but I did learn how to rope and I stunk at it.  But Teresa did tell me I was a natural at branding!   Our district is the best group.  We had fun naming all of the cows, most were named after a type of burger or poop.  My favorite little guy is named Buffalo Chip.

I am branding a cow!


Giving shots and tags

Not to go off and talk about poop for my whole letter, but everyone kept calling the fresh ones guacamole, all… morning… long.   They kept joking about who wanted to taste the freshly made guac.  Unfortunate for us, later Saturday night we had a lesson with the Falcons and it was GUACAMOLE NIGHT. We have been looking forward to it all week, but when we saw it, all we could think of was those darn cows from that morning!  LOL, we almost didn’t eat any!

Ranch hands:  Elder’s Jorgensen, Deyarmond, Potter and Jordan, with me, Sister Waldron and Teresa


Saturday night I had a nice surprise!  Sister Brooks came back to visit!!  She was at a wedding in Mesa and came down to Sierra Vista to spend the night.  It was so fun to see her again, and so weird too.  I couldn’t call her Sister Brooks anymore!

Sister Waldron has been adjusting to mission life this week.  She is a fun companion and we get along really well.  We have connected over things I never would have guessed we would connect over!  I definitely feel President was inspired when he put us together. Although training is harder than I thought it would be it is very rewarding. I feel like I learn so much everyday and I know that it is helping me to be a better missionary.  We have had good days, but we’ve also have hard days that we made fun.


I got the audio of Jace’s homecoming report and it did work.  I haven’t had time to listen to it yet though. I will get there today eventually, haha.

We better be doing a lot of boating when I get back! I’m super jealous of you guys.  That sounds like a lot of fun!!  Tell the Butikofer’s I say hello!  I miss being a part of you rowdy bunch!  Okay don’t party too hard back home. Yes, I am very jealous of the boating.  Send videos of Sam jumping the wake, that’s freaking sick.  Also, since when did Benson and the gang become a band?? Sounds great!

Bye for the week,  Sister Packer

Practicing our Ropin’




Lunch Break



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