Los Tres Milagros

Letter from August 15, 2016

Dear Fam,

It’s been an exciting week!  Monday was my last night with Sister Brooks and now she is home in Utah!  Our investigators, the Thackers, took us and our ward mission leader and his family (the Rawlings) out to dinner that night. It was so fun and a perfect way for Sister Brooks to end her time in Sierra vista.  She will be missed!  


Dinner with the Thacker’s: Conner, Grandma, Laura, Jim, Brother Rawlings, Ryan, Maya, Sister Rawlings, Brooks, me, Jonny and Julie

But I got an awesome new companion to replace her!  Sister Waldron!  She is from Kaysville, Utah. She is super cute and a hard worker.  We are going to have a good time together.  So we had our trainer/trainee meeting Tuesday morning.  They assigned us our new babies and then President assigned them the challenge of inviting someone to be baptized by the end of the first week.  Sister Waldron was able to do this her first night out!!  

Meeting Sister Waldron


We have been working with an 11 year old boy who had previously had a date but missed it.  Tuesday night we met him and had an awesome lesson about baptism.  After setting a date we had him give the closing prayer and he prayed that his family would get sealed in the temple too.  This sweet boy loves the gospel and wants his family to be together forever so bad!  We really believe his baptism could bring his family back to activity in the church.  I was so proud of Sister Waldron!  This week we were really lucky!  We got to set not just one date, but TWO. What da whaaaaa??  Saturday we had a lesson with the Thackers.  We had started the plan of salvation last time we went and planned on finishing it. Wow. She is prepared!  It was like she already knew everything!  Everything connected.  We talked about baptism and the steps we take to get to live with Heavenly Father all throughout the lesson. We invited her to be baptized. This was the cool part. She said she was ready, but wants to do it with her husband. Ahhhhh yay yay. Then she put the Book of Mormon she had open up to her face and began to cry! The spirit was so strong. She told us how her husband has been struggling and she really feels like this can help both of them.  We bore our testimonies to her that it would bless her family and their relationship and that by showing the Lord her commitment, he could further bless her.  I know she is going to be such a great example for her family.  And I know the Lord really does have people prepared to hear our message, we just gotta get out there and find them.  I’m excited to see how she progresses.  She has such strong faith!  

The most exciting part about setting a date with someone is knowing that they are about to make promises with the Lord and receive the protection of the Holy Ghost.  That protection is what guides us to Him!  I’ve been reading in the Book of Mormon in Third Nephi when Christ teaches the people.  Did you know he mentions about forty times in one chapter the word “baptism”??  It’s so important.  We need baptism to qualify us for the Holy Ghost, which then allows us to return to him.  I’m so grateful to have that in my life. 

Along with those two, we had another crazy miracle!  These things must come in three’s. So we went out to an appointment and when we got there they told us they were super busy and cancelled.  For some reason we both had a feeling that would happen.  And we knew exactly where we needed to go.  We sped off to our recent convert’s house who hasn’t had any contact with us in six weeks!  She hasn’t come to church since May!  But right as we pulled up, she and her daughter came walking out of the house to leave.  It was PERFECT timing.  We met her and talked with her awhile.  She didn’t let us set up a time to come back or even say she would come to church, but we were able to make contact with her and remind her how much we love her.  God was definitely guiding us that night.  Here is the best part, he wasn’t done guiding us after we left.  The adventure continued!  We went off to a potential investigator’s house we had met two days earlier.  We knocked and talked with the mom a bit.  She was clearly not interested as she had her own faith.  I don’t think I’ve ever felt more persistent at a doorstep before; I just felt like we couldn’t let her close the door.  Her fourteen year old daughter also came to the door and as we talked she said she wasn’t really sure what she believed in.  Then suddenly, WE GOT IN THE DOOR.  It was crazy.  She opened up to us, we stepped in and just kinda stared at each other like, “did that really happen?”  We had an awesome first lesson and by the end of it, the mom said we could come back next week!  And she even asked about our church services!😱😱😱😱  

We have just had an exciting week. I think there were some really great experiences for Sister Waldron’s first week!  Here’s my “mission dog” story.  Everyone has one, right?  We went tracting and went into a yard with a ‘beware of dog’ sign.  But after shaking the gate and seeing no dog and hearing no dog,  we thought we were fine.  Long story short, we we’re chased out by the biggest and scariest German shepherd I have ever seen!  Another funny thing that happened was that shortly after that we met a woman who was a ‘fellow believer’ who said they (I don’t know who ‘they’ are) would be coming for us. Apparently ‘they’ are going to gather up all the believers, and get rid of us. Yep, and the homeless will be the first to go, she said.   Had we not noticed the shortage of homeless people already?? 

 I had a little bit of fun with my greenie.  The Bingham’s grandparents are living with them and the grandpa has his own area in the garage with a desk and stuff.  So I told her that a homeless man lived in our garage and she totally believed me.  I told her he was really nice and helped with the yard work sometimes.  She was so funny, every night making sure the door was locked so he wouldn’t come in.  Hahahaha, I finally told her about ten minutes ago and she laughed pretty hard😂,  don’t worry though, I’m being  nice to her.  That was my one prank.  She is a good missionary and so willing to work hard.  Keep her in your prayers!  One thing I’ve realized this week is that training is not as easy as I thought it would be.  Even though she is awesome, it’s still a bit stressful because I want to do things well.  But the Lord is blessing and strengthening us.  Thank you so much for your prayers.

Love you all fam, Sister Packer

This is our apartment… the whole thing!  It may be smaller than my dorm room at Utah state!


The mission vehicle can get us through anything.



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