Got Preggerzzz

Letter from August 8th, 2016

Hi Family,

We were in Tucson on Friday because Sister Brook’s had MLC.  While we were at the mission office she had her last “dying” interview and when they came out of President’s office, he asked if he could talk with me.  That made me nervous.  He asked me if I was ready (ready for what???) He asked me if I was ready to train?!  Guess what?!   I’m having a baby!!!!!  Hahaha, that’s the mission lingo – Ahhhh I’m so excited. I get to train a new missionary this next transfer.  Not gonna lie, I’m a little nervous too.  I’ve been fasting and praying that I will be able to help my new missionary and that I won’t mess up her childhood, hahaha.  So we have been really crazy busy today trying to get Sister Brooks all packed up and also to get the house ready for the new baby.  Which reminds me I need to send a video of our little attic!  I want you all to see some of the smallest housing in the mission.

Goodbye, Sister Brooks  

Okay so we had a little miracle last night. Sister Brooks and I decided we really wanted a new investigator. We made it a goal to find one before the end of the week and by Saturday we still hadn’t found one!  Sunday came and we still had nothing. So within every thirty minute intervals between appointments we were trying potentials or knocking on doors. It felt like everybody wanted to slam the door in our face or make some rude remark. Ouch. We had our last appointment for the night at seven and got out at eight. With thirty minutes left before the trainer conference call started, we tried two potentials.  Once again nothing. Hmmm, so now it’s 8:15.  Sister Brooks suggested we try another potential we had met two weeks ago but waved us away quite angrily.  Since she had been a referral we figured one more try couldn’t hurt.  We knocked, she answered, she invited us in and told us to preach to her. Boom, we had a new investigator. Ahhhhhh!!!  It was a freaking miracle! I know that when we set goals, Heavenly Father helps us to achieve them, especially when we do all that we can and pray for his help.  He really does care about each one of our concerns.  

… yes this is our mission car!

So we had a really good last week of the transfer.  M- and the girls came to church.  It was awesome.  Right before the third hour of church, Maria wanted to check on the girls and she asked them if they wanted to stay or go into primary.  They waved her away and said they were staying!  It has been pretty cool to see such young girls so open to the gospel and curious to learn more.  One of our other families is also progressing.  We went to the little boy’s birthday party and his dad told us how he only read one night and his wife read the other night and then he told us how he is going to make it hard for us.  Oh, if he only knew how easy he was making it by reading!   Well, have a good week.

Love you, Sister Packer


Hottest District in the Mish!

I learned how to cut hair!




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