Too Raw to Handle

Letter from July 25, 2016

Dear Fam,

 First of all, this is the coolest season EVER. Most nights we go out onto our roof and watch the storms. It is SO DOPE. There are flashes of lightening every five seconds and it lights up the whole sky.  Sierra Vista is beautiful!

A picture from the Arizona Missionary Mamma Site of the Storms


 We had a couple fun adventures this week.  I ate basically raw steak.  Rarest I have ever seen steak in my whole life but I’m not dead yet so no worries.  We had dinner with a couple that grilled for us.  Did he know how to use a grill?? I’m thinking nah.  This also happened to be the same day I challenged my companion to drink a raw egg.  So we both drank an egg and then ate raw steak later… I felt sick afterwards.  Later, as we taught them, we testified to them that there is a God and that He is aware of them.  We talked about how God is like earthly fathers who let their children make bad choices sometimes but is always there to offer help.  They liked the analogy but they still weren’t very interested.  That is an issue we have run into in this military town.  A lot of people in the military just don’t believe or want to believe in God anymore.  So they weren’t interested in learning more but they were really worried we didn’t eat enough because we told them our monthly allowance.  So they said we could come over to eat anytime.  Ha ha, at least they got the light of Christ in them!  The good news is we did make progress with M-.  Ah wow I love her family so much.  We literally had a two hour lesson and taught two lessons!  We went with the intent to teach the plan of salvation, and her three girls joined us and they loved it.  One daughter started to cry as we discussed the spirit world because she had a friend pass away and she has been wondering where they went.  God is so aware of our needs.  He knew she needed to hear that message.  After we finished that lesson M- asked us to teach her girls about ‘that boy Joseph Smith.’  They want to read the Book of Mormon together and agreed to pray about it as a family.  


This week I felt so blessed because I got to attend Tammy’s baptism.  Mamma Tammy came down to Sierra Vista and picked us up.  Her baptism was wonderful.  She had us get her waterproof mascara and a CTR ring and she was ready to go!  She looked so happy. I’m just so happy for her and proud of the choice she made!!  It was probably one of the best days of my mission so far.  I can’t explain the feeling seeing someone you’ve been praying for for months be so happy and be happy because of the gospel.  THE GOSPEL IS AWESOME!  My companion went to Gilbert to see her recent convert go through the temple, so I also got to spend the day with Sister Daun and cook in my old area!  I got to go see the Anzak’s again for dinner and see all of my friends from the Casas ward.  I loved it!     I had the opportunity to speak in sacrament meeting this past Sunday.  Luckily they gave me a pretty easy topic.  I spoke on how the gift of the Holy Ghost has blessed my life. It was actually a fun topic to research.  The coolest thing I found was a quote from Elder Bednar’s talk- Receive the Holy Ghost.  “As we listen to the sacrament prayers and worthily partake of the bread and water;  as we pledge our willingness to take upon ourselves the name of Jesus Christ, to always remember Him, and to keep His commandments, we are promised that we may always have His Spirit to be with us. Thus, everything the Savior’s gospel teaches us to do and become is intended to bless us with the companionship of the Holy Ghost.” Everything we do is to receive the Holy Ghost, because he sanctifies us!  

Okay fam, guess what. Sister brooks and I caught our new district pet.  Call us the scorpion queens. Hollaaaaa. We named him Nicholas. We found him in our bathroom the other day. He is pretty cute.  Today we went on a hike that was supposed to take us up to a hidden waterfall but it’s too dry here.  Uugh, no water in the waterfall. That’s pretty much it for the week.  Have fun picking up the bro in London and buy me some fish and chips for later.

Love, Sister Packer.


My Favorite People from Casas!


We went on a dope hike up to a DRY waterfall, lol.



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