Down on the Border

Hey sorry for the short email last week. I will tell you a little more¬†this week. But only a littleūüėú ¬†So our Sunday was very exciting. ¬†We got three new investigators in one¬†day!! Granted, one isn’t very solid and we probably will only teach¬†one more time… But that’s okay!

So bishop pulled is out of relief society and gave us a dope referral.  Her name is M- and she is from Honduras.  So the only time we had to go see her was right after church. She started crying when we showed up. She has been going through some really hard times and is excited for God to be a part of her life again.  We are excited to teach her!  That was definitely a blessing from Heavenly Father.  We have to drop some people we are teaching but he is giving us more to do!

Okay so we had this crazy lesson with a family in another ward. ¬†They¬†invited us over to meet their preacher friend who lives in our area. ¬†They also had over another member bro Cummings. ¬†Hardest¬†most frustrating lesson ever! The preacher, his name is C-. ¬†He had¬†so many questions, and he knows his bible in and out. We tried to¬†teach the first lesson but it got so far off topic because he kept¬†grilling us. ¬†And this member kept trying to answer his questions and¬†then they would start bible bashing. Not chill… At all. ¬†The spirit¬†left the room every time. ¬†There was one point of the lesson when we¬†literally put our hands up and were like, ¬†“woah, woah wait a second.” ¬†And¬†we refocused the discussion. ¬†It came to the point where we said that¬†we could sit there and read scriptures from the bible and what we¬†think they mean all day and all night and we would get nowhere. We¬†told him the only way he can truly understand our religion is if he¬†reads the Book of Mormon. We had the 16 old boy read Moroni 10:4-5 and¬†he bore his testimony on how he received an answer through sincere¬†prayer. At that moment the spirit was there. However, Cedric wasn’t¬†interested in doing that. Oh well.¬†So we ended the night by meeting the Montoya family. They have a¬†fourteen year old daughter who wants to get baptized! ¬†They are all
members but just inactive¬†so she has now chosen to take the lessons and gitter done. ¬†Luckily, they are a sweet family and sent us home with some¬†enchiladas, cause these sister’s hadn’t eaten all day, lol.¬†The theme of this week has been reading the flipping Book of Mormon. ¬†It’s the best book ever guys!

I did some studying on Joseph Smith’s Lecture on Faith and here is some of the notes I took: ¬†All our actions can be tied back to faith. ¬†The power God has is faith. Faith in him is what the Savior uses. ¬†And¬†so for us when we exercise our faith we are calling upon his power to¬†help us. Nothing can be accomplished without faith.

We understand faith better than most religions, because we don’t view¬†it as dormant. It takes action, positive or negative, to move it. And¬†whatever direction it goes we see the results or fruits of it. ¬†The divinity within us is our tie to God. So it makes sense that this¬†powers in God is also in man. We have no power without faith. We call¬†upon him through our faith. He made us in his likeness and image. He¬†made us like him so we could exercise faith and have his power. ¬†

Faith- assurance, evidence, and action. Elder Bednar said, – “these three¬†components of faith… I describe as simultaneously facing the future,¬†looking to the past, and initiating action in the present.” ¬†We face the future through what we believe we can achieve with our¬†faith, or with our hope. We look to the past for assurance and¬†evidence that faith works. Through the examples of others or¬†assurances from prophets. And then we presently take action to receive¬†our power.

Love, Sister Packer

Boarder Fence to Mexico

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