Rowchie Numchucks

Letter from June 27, 2016

Dear Family,

ROWCHIE NUMCHUCKS! I’m leaving Casas Adobes and also leaving Tucson. President is sending me down to Sierra Vista.  I literally had a tiny panic attack when we got the call I was getting transferred, but now I am excited.  So I will be headed to Sierra Vista tomorrow morning and my new companion will be Sister Brooks!  I am actually going to be killing her (aka she is going home after next transfer).  It should be fun!  I’m pumped to be in a new area and meet new people, but I’m going to miss my first area here and Sister Daun so much – she is a homie. 



You are never gonna believe what Sister Daun and I got to do this week.  WE WENT TO GIRLS CAMP!  Well okay it was just for one day but still!  We went up Friday morning to help out with their service project and then just got to hang out with the girls, and be there for the last night devotional and testimony meeting!  It was such a blessing that we went.  There were only three girls from our ward that went and interestingly, none of them are active members!!  So we had three less active girls up there and no active girls there to fellowship them- messed up!  They had those three girls combine with another ward because we were so small.  These girls didn’t even have a leader with them until Thursday night!!  When they saw that we came they just lit up and said- “Our missionaries came!” They didn’t even have a member of the bishopric come up for ward night so the extra love mean’t so much to them. 


One cool experience we had was with CoreyLynn. She was out in the woods looking for another girls pocket knife and we went to help her. We suggested saying a prayer and she didn’t want to,… but we are very insistent gals.  We said a prayer with her and literally five seconds later we found it.  So we said a prayer of gratitude and she ran off to give it to her friend.  Later that night we talked with this girl and found out she didn’t even know who Joseph Smith was and she doesn’t know how to pray.  What a blessing she had been able to see that afternoon how God answers prayers.  It was a cool experience that this girl definitely needed. 


Being up there with these three girls made me realize how important love is.  For them to feel God’s love and be loved all week made such a huge impact on them.  I think the most important thing we can do as members and as missionaries is help others feel God’s love.  Everything we teach comes back to that fundamental doctrine that God is our loving Heavenly Father.  Literally everything; tithing, word of wisdom, agency, EVERYTHING.  Our salvation is His work and His glory- He is an active participant in our lives.  It’s His love that changes us. 


It was a wonderful last week in Casas Adobes.  Yes it does cool off in the evenings- it gets into the 90s in the evenings! I actually experienced a sneak peek of monsoon season last night. A storm hit out of nowhere and we were walking from our car to an apartment and we were literally soaking wet.  IT WAS AWESOME! 

k love ya bye,  Sister Packer

PS – Tell Tristan and Corey hello for me and goodbye to Spencer Shull!!!

John and Yvette



Amanda Neufville and kids


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