You and I, We’re Made of Glass, We’d Never Last

Letter from 6/13/16

Dear Family,

We dropped a couple of investigators on Tuesday.  It was pretty hard because we love them so much but they just aren’t progressing.  Y- and G- say they believed the Book Of Mormon was truth but don’t understand exactly what that entails or care to explore further.  If the Book of Mormon is true, then Joseph Smith was a prophet, then we also have a prophet today, then this church really is Christ’s church again on the earth. And the principles of exercising our faith unto repentance and baptism as taught in the Book of Mormon are ‘ the gate by which we should enter’.  Sometimes we just want to stand up and yell- “hello this is salvation we are talking about! This isn’t just a church to go get some warm fuzzies. It is a church that becomes your eternal family and helps you progress to your salvation.  It is a BIG deal.  They told us that they have felt the spirit to know its true, but they just don’t want to do the Mormon thing. We have to respect that.

We also had to drop our sweet refugee family.  President brought Emmanuel to another lesson to translate for us. And things started out well.  However, after asking questions we began to realize that they don’t see our church as any different than the Catholic church they attend.  Despite our many efforts and prayers, they just don’t understand.  But I do have faith that they will one day.  They have a very strong love of their Father in Heaven and their brother , Jesus Christ.  Elizabeth told us how God carried her through the hardships that she and her family experienced in camps until they could make it to America.  God knows that and He will take care of them.  I really do think one day when they are more prepared temporally, they will be able to receive more spiritually.

I think the Lord knew that this would happen and so he has been helping us find new people to teach the past few weeks. It has definitely strengthened my testimony that he will bless us, if we are working hard.  Speaking of new investigators, the guy we met last Sunday R-?  We don’t get to teach him anymore, he relapsed!   And is no longer at the Cope Facility. We don’t even know where he is actually so… yeah… bye R-!

Okay last sad bit of news from the week, M- had to push back her Baptism! She is stuck in California taking care of some business for her mother and doesn’t know when she will be back. We think the baptism is going to end up being in July.  No worries though.  She is still as solid as ever and was very disappointed that she would have to wait longer to get baptized.

T- gave us some exciting news this week. We met with her Tuesday night and asked if she had been praying about a baptismal date. She had been but she wasn’t sure yet. Then Thursday we got a text from her- “I think July 23rd, is that alright?” Yes, Tammy that is more than alright! haha she is so funny she is always asking “oh is this okay?oh can I do this?”  Yes, Tammy you can still drink coke. Seeing her receive revelation was the coolest part though.  And she came to Stake Conference on Saturday. And she was overwhelmed when she walked in. Overwhelmed by all these mormons in one building, and why are there so many?!   But we got her sat down with the two nicest ladies in the ward and prayed and prayed that she would begin to feel comfortable and feel the spirit.  God answers prayers family. She LOVED the conference.  One speaker even brought tears to her eyes. 

I did get to experience what a trio would be like this week. Sister Quinonez spent a day with us while her companion went to MLC. It was pretty freaking fun and I wouldn’t mind being in a trio I decided! 

I don’t think I mentioned this last week, Sister Daun and I are in a competition with the Binghampton sisters. BIGGEST LOSER.  Actually not really, it kinda sucks.  We are trying to “diet” but we can’t because we don’t control our dinners at all. Haha, the second day we started we had a double dinner and we just about cried.  Anyway, at the end of our competition, whoever lost the most weight wins and the losers have to buy the winners cheesecake. Kinda counterproductive huh? 

We have also been helping this older lady in the ward, E-, move. She is such a hoot. She literally has a watch and set of jewlery for everyday and a different outfit for every day of the year. Being kind of weighed down by all her stuff, Sister Daun and I finally convinced her to go through it give some to the goodwill.  Haha so next time we came back she had one box.  Just one box.  She’s a fun lady.

Sounds like an interesting week in Idaho filled with s’mores… Miss you love you bye!

Sister Packer


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