Week Full of Miracles

Letter from June 6, 2016

Hi fam!

 Okay so this week has been full of miracles. It seems like everyday we just look at each other and go holy cow thank you Heavenly Father!!  We met with Tammy Tuesday night. And she made us dinner! She was already on chapter 15 of the Book of Mormon. And this was her second lesson. Dang. She said a lot of her questions she had in the Catholic Church were answered as we taught her. It was very cool.  

Wednesday night we had an interesting experience. Wanna know what makes missionaries really feel the pressure when they teaching?  When the mission president is sitting in on the lesson!!! He came to our lesson with our Swahili family with a recent convert who speaks Swahili and was able to translate for us.  But it went well and they definitely understood way more than they ever have before.  The concept of the priesthood is clicking for them! FINALLY! That part of the gospel is so important. If they understand the priesthood they’ll understand why we are different from every other Christian church that says they are following Christ!  

IMG_0187 (1)

Our Thursday miracle was John. Yes sober John. We went to visit and introduce Sister Daun. And he told us about how God has just been raining down the blessings. He and Yvette were able to get a car, which they weren’t expecting. They have been trying to pay off debt from a surgery John had two years ago, and somehow it was paid off. He has no logical explanation of it!  John has almost finished reading the Book of Mormon.  He is a very analytical – critical person. He likes to see exactly how the puzzle fits together and why it fits. So he has always had a lot of concerns. But we committed him to pray about a baptismal date! Ahhhh yes! And he does want to be baptized. His biggest concern is that he won’t be able to keep the commitments he makes at baptism because he knows how important it is to promise God. How cool?!  He said he knows he has the faith now!  

We also became homies with the Tucson firemen. So we were biking to an appointment and we were running a little late so we were trying to get there fast. And when we got there they cancelled.  We were SO tired!  I thought Sister Daun was gonna faint. So we decided to just walk our bikes for a bit and who do we run into?  Only the fine men of the Tucson fire department. They gave us water and we took pics so it happened.  Also pretty sure one of them was baby Dwayne the Rock Johnson. And they told us we could come chill at the station and get water anytime we wanted.  


Sunday was the best though.  Krista got special permission to come. And then we went to  visit her and we met Roberto!  And he is also staying in the facility and he saw us and walked up to us and told us how he wants his life to change. We invited him into our lesson with Krista and the spirit freakin slapped us all in the face. He was so excited and he can’t wait for next Sunday when we come back, and so are we!  And then to make our Sunday even better we contacted these two people in ASL (american sign language)! Say whaaaa? Ya das right. And then called the ASL missionaries and got them down there and watched them teach them, it was so dope. The gospel really is for EVERYONE!


It doesn’t matter where they are at in life, what they doing, who they are, or what or how they speak. I love it so much. I don’t have much time today because we went to the Tucson zoo. The IF zoo needs to step up their game, that’s all I gotta say.

Love, Peace, Sister packer

IMG_0186 (1)



IMG_0198 (1)


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