High Standards

Letter from May 31, 2016

Dear Family,

We have biked a pretty good amount this week and it has been really fun! We like it so much more than our car because we get to talk to more people on bikes and we also get to be outside- which we may not like that as much within the next few weeks because it is about to get pretty hot! One of our favorite parts was when we stopped to get water at a gas station and this guy stopped us and asked what we were doing. I mean we were sweaty and wearing missionary badges and riding bikes in skirts- we looked weird. He had a shirt on that said HIGH STANDARDS with a bunch of marijuana leaves but he thought what we were doing was cool and even said he would like to learn more. Maybe we can teach him some actual high standards, lol.

We had three lessons with Marlos this week because she left today for California to visit her mom and will be gone for a week. But she is bound and determined to be baptized on the 18th.  Her determination is incredible.  She is so prepared and she just takes in everything we teach.  The only lesson we thought she might have concerns about was Word of Wisdom, because she told us in the first lesson she liked her coffee and knew we didn’t drink it.  But we taught it to her and she said oh I have already decided to start weening myself off of it so I can quit.  Sunday she told us she was putting her coffee pot away into the closet and she started to have doubts. She began to wonder if she was betraying her Jewish Heritage. She had a grandfather die in the holocaust. So she prayed and then opened up the gospel principles lesson book and opened up to the chapter on baptism.  She said she took that as God saying, “Yes Marlos, don’t stop now this is what you need to do.” And nothing is going to stop her now. AH. What? Marlos you are AWESOME! She has even made a list of people for work to be done in the temple!!! 

Sister Daun and I have been feeling very very blessed this week. Not just because we have Marlos to teach, But for two other reasons:

1. someone paid for our gelato on friday

2. we got two more referrals!!! 

So yeah gelato isn’t a big deal- but we were feelin the love. Two referrals is a big deal though. One was Tammy.  Tammy’s friend is a member in another ward and had the missionaries come over and teach her.  They taught her one lesson, she was ready and they set a baptism date and then gave her to us because she lives in our area.  How crazy is that?!  We just met her on Sunday though when she came to church. She really doesn’t know much about mormons or what we believe but we do have our first lesson with her later tonight. She seems like such a sweetheart. She saw on the ward bulletin the “Help Feed The Missionaries” announcement and was like, “I better take a turn, I’ll feed you Tuesday and next Sunday ,dont worry.” So sweet!!!  haha  Before sacrament meeting we were introducing her to people.  When we sat down, Marlos was in front of us and she turns around to Tammy and basically just started comforting her. She just told her its a bit intimidating at first but don’t worry it gets better. Marlos, we freaking love you!

Our other referral was a lady who called the bishop because she wanted to talk to missionaries. She had been studying her bible and book of mormon all day.  No words describe this woman! We honestly aren’t sure why she wanted missionaries to come over because she didn’t have questions for us but she just kept showing us scriptures she liked (she had an endless list!) which was pretty funny.  We taught the first lesson and started using the pamphlet and she freaked out a little bit about the ‘images’. She doesn’t look at images because we are not supposed to look at ‘graven images’. And she also believes Saturday is the sabbath and that she has been saved three times already. She preached to us for about fifteen minutes about the “Dem christians, dey da church of da devil!” and the Catholics are the great and abominable church. She crazy but its cool crazy. 

We have been working with a lot of less-actives this week as well. One night we were teaching a part-member couple. We were out on the porch.   The husband would come in and make a comment every now and then about how he doesn’t go to church anymore. One of the times he came in and got food and then starts heading out and says alright bye I gotta go smoke some dope. And tried to explain how our bishop gave him permission to smoke dope. k… sounds like you got high standards too?!

We have really been feeling the power of setting goals and having faith that the Lord will help us accomplish them. The Lord really does provide a way as long as we go and do. Now thats ‘dope’.  How dat for high standards?!

Although I missed all of our Memorial Day traditions- this Memorial Day was the BOMB. The zone got together and had a big barbecue and an arm wrestling contest. Not just any arm wrestling contest where people just come up and go- they set up a legit bracket so EVERYONE would be involved. Even the senior missionaries! And the winner got a 10$ giftcard to Buffalo Wild Wings. So hope you enjoy a couple short videos I sent- it got pretty funny. 

So here is a study topic for the week- Pokemon and how to win in a pokemon battle. This is not a joke. We desperately need to know or we gonna get our butts kicked by a 14 year old, help!


Fam- I can see how like to go camping and fourwheeling and take pictures where you are smiling BUT I know you are secretly just crying because I ain’t there to DJ the music for that event.  Love you all. Don’t let anyone else get married until I get home. Seriously. I love you all and I miss you all and that’s all I have to say about that. 

Love, Sister Packer


My first goodbye to some great ward members!



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