Feeling Blessed and Grateful to Teach Wonderful People

Letter from May 27, 2016

Dear Family,

 Sister Daun is my new comp and she is fun! She is a really hard worker but she knows how to have fun while she goes and I love that about her!!  I can tell we are going to have fun together but also be able to work really hard and I am very excited about that. We have really hit the ground running. Sister Daun has been out about a year and this is her fourth area.  She has been out in the Arizona boonies for awhile and this is her first time in the big city. She is from Cincinnati, Ohio and was born and raised in the church. Oh and she even brought her own bike- so we be bikin’ everyday fam!!! She likes going to the track, so we go to the track every morning or every other. Oh and yes, she even likes green eggs and ham! 

IMG_0152 (1)

My new bike gang!  Me and Sister Daun

Sister Daun’s first real day in the area- Wednesday- we had our first appointment with Marlos. What a way to start a transfer! Marlos is the most prepared person to receive the gospel I have ever met. All throughout the first lesson she would just nod her head- mhmm yes its true. She’s read parts of the Book of Mormon before and says she knows it’s true. She wants to be baptized and has for a long time apparently. She’s always been so busy she never did it but she wants it in her life now! So we set a date for June 18th!!! Sister Daun and I got into the car after the lesson and literally screamed with excitement. We are so stoked but we also feel so blessed and grateful that we get to be the missionaries who teach this wonderful woman! 

We have not had the chance to meet with Yolanda and Gretchen this week which was a total bummer but we are hoping to see them soon. We did have a lesson with our refugee family which went fairly well. One of the guys that we contacted in their house who is now being taught by some elders, Bonith, came to the lesson. We asked Bonith to come because we knew he has a baptismal date set and might be a better translator for us. And he was! We talked about baptism and why we need to be baptized following the example of Jesus Christ. It did go better with Bonith there but this family still isn’t grabbing the concept of priesthood or why they need to be baptized again. As much as I love this family, I am starting to realize that it may take a long process to understand that gospel fully. But we won’t give up until we have tried absolutely everything we can do to help them! The funniest part of the lesson was right as we were leaving. Bonith shook Sister Daun’s hand and says “so are you married? ” And she’s like “uhh no none of the sister missionaries are.”  And he smiles big and is like, “ohhh😏”. lol!!! 

We have been trying to pick out less actives to work with this transfer also. Sister Smith and I did a lot of going out and finding less actives and figuring out where they lived and how interested they are. Sister Daun and I are now trying to start meeting with the ones who could come back to church and would be interested in taking lessons from us to do that. Some of the lessons we have had to do this have gone great this week. Some of them were more bold than others, but because we were able to be bold and loving, they would accept the invitation we extended to them to make efforts to come back to church. Right now, its more about the baby steps. We are going to try and get them reading and praying and coming to small activities like ward volleyball night, meeting and making relationships with other members and then hopefully get them into sacrament meeting. We did visit Kr- again this past Sunday. She is doing really well. The place she is at is a behavioral rehabilitation center. No she isn’t crazy but she had things happen to her and this program helps her deal with that. But she is so sweet, she wrote down her gospel questions she wanted us to answer when we visited and sang hymns with us and then we shared a message. She even handed out a book of Mormon and a pamphlet that we gave her last week to her neighbor. She is really truly trying to follow God and is such a great example of drawing near to Him and relying on Him during tribulations. 

You guys remember Sister Inman?!?! Well guess what? I got to see my MTC comp again! She had a doctors appt in Tucson so her and her comp drove in from the Gila and spent the night with us. We did have a little bit of a party a tad late into the evening… don’t tell Pres,  hehe. It was a lot of fun to catch up with her though and hear about other parts of the mission! 

Well I sent a letter off to Sam for his birthday so he should be getting it sometime soon I hope! Don’t worry buddy, I didn’t forget!!:) Looks like ya had a good Bday. Keep me updated on Brandi’s wedding plans!  Mom, We do see and hear a lot about abuse and addictions out here and I have heard some sad stories. I’m glad you’re getting involved with Carrie’s initiative.  I haven’t read the letter you sent yet but I will later today when I have more time:) and then send you my thoughts. The sister you asked about, Sister Huntington is one of the awesome members of the ward I have gotten close to, you would love her! She helped me make the cards I sent and she always makes sure we are taken care of:)  Well have another great week. I’m sending sunny vibes from AZ your way. 

Love, Sister Packer

Sister Service Day!  (plus 2 Elders)


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