Dropping Like Flies

Letter from May 9, 2016

Well I know we all just talked Sunday but I gotta do something on p-day so I figured I might as well email you lol! It was definitely the highlight of my week to talk to my family on Mother’s day and I love you all!!

IMG_9210 (1)

So the gist of my week,  investigators are dropping like flies…. Like either we drop them or they drop us.  A-  doesn’t want to live the word of wisdom and he told us that and basically said he would call us if he changed his mind. Sad day. R-, who we haven’t seen in forever, met with us last week and said she didn’t want to do the whole Mormon thing either, but she loves us girls and loves to see us. So we had to tell her we love her  too but we also have to spend time with our investigators who are progressing.  We would try to stop by if we ever have time. That’s a tough situation cause we do love her but we can’t go visit her cause we are on the lord’s time not our own. Okay then M- told us that she has moved out of her moms house (remember she’s only 16) and doesn’t know when she could meet with us again and it could be a long while and would call when she can, etc, etc. So we were dropped once more. And then there is Dr. B. Who also just can’t give up smoking and drinking yet. It’s just sad how much power these addictions hold over people. They are missing out on so much freedom!  And there’s  really nothing we can do about it. So four down.

BUT don’t worry. We still have other people to teach. We did invite our African family to be baptized yesterday. Which was interesting because they were baptized Catholic and didn’t really understand why we asked them to be baptized again. We have been explaining the priesthood to them but things aren’t quite clicking yet. So our next lesson will be on baptism! Our lesson with them ended at 9 and we got up to leave and G-  was like,  “wait my mom made you guys dinner!” Soooo we kinda had to stay cause we didn’t want to be rude and we had to eat another dinner! And it was actually pretty good too! The only weird thing was whatever green plant they chopped up and cooked, tasted a lil funny but not too bad! 

Holla at our Mother’s Day Feast.  Chicken and Waffles are the BOMB!  Yvette is the lady in the hawaiin getup and her mother is sitting next to her, Karmen.

IMG_0137 (1)

We also still have Y-  to teach and she is just a sweet lady who wants something good for her family! I Love her. We spent most of Mother’s Day at Yvette’s home. And I am so glad we did. That wonderful woman had no one there to make her day special. Her husband didn’t do anything for her and neither did her children! And Sister Smith told me the same thing happened at Christmas. She got everyone in her family a gift or a card and no one gave her a thing. So we were not about to let that happen on Mother’s Day. We took her some flowers and a card and we cooked chicken and waffles together and had a great time with her! And she loved it! She even had us take some down to her neighbor and had us talk to him about God! She is such a good missionary hahahaha. I have one more week of the transfer left and I will be officially done training. Seriously so stoked. K love ya homies.

Sister Packer

Ward Rummage Sale gone wild with the senior missionaries!

My homies, Ember and Mathias

IMG_0132 (1)


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