A Greenie No More

Letter from May 16, 2016

Dear Fam,

You been working too hard. Don’t break your backs, but the backyard looks awesome. 

Just another dope week in Casas Adobes. Many goodbyes for Sister Smith. And when I say many, I really mean MANY!  She has been here for six transfers which is actually the new record in the mission for how long someone has stayed in one place.  It’s about half of her mission in one area. So she knows everybody really well and it was hard for her to say so many goodbyes!  We got fed so much this week. People wanted to take us out to lunch and stuff before she left! There was one day where we had brunch, lunch and dinner, with members! TOO MUCH FOOD, AHHHH!  We’ve been eating left overs all weekend, lol. 

We had our half-mission conference on Friday and that was pretty fun. Elder Foster from the seventy and his wife came and we got some good training from them and the Passey’s. My favorite talk was probably Sister Foster. She talked a lot about how God has faith in us, sometimes we just don’t have faith in ourselves. But if we have faith in God then we should have faith in us too. We are enough. And even if the only person we convert on our mission is ourselves, it was still a successful mission, it was still worth it.  It was an awesome and uplifting talk. Sometimes you can go into these trainings and just feel so overwhelmed because it seems like you have a lot to work on, but after her talk it was like, “okay, yeah I can do this, just a little at a time.”

It was kind of a long week, as we were all anticipating transfer calls Saturday. And well the news is finally here!  Sister Smith is headed off to the Gila Valley (I totally called it) and I am getting Sister Dawn for my new comp. I have no idea who she is or what she is like but I will find out tomorrow when we transfer! So I will update you on her next week. Gonna be weird saying goodbye to Smith and having someone new!

The greatest part of the week was Sunday. We walked into our chapel and we get called over to meet this nice lady (Ma-) who found our chapel on Mormon.org and wants to learn more about the church and take the missionary lessons. What the what?!?! We tried not to pee our pants we were so excited. So she sat with us through sacrament and she stayed for the next two hours too!! It was CRAZY! And she was so accepting about everything, gospel principles, temples, all that good stuff got brought up and she just took it all in. Wow! Apparently her mom was a convert and then stopped coming to church but she remembered liking the people in the church and so she decided now was a good time for her to look into it. That is our new and exciting prospect for the week! 

Then later after church we went to meet a new less active lady who moved in, K-. She is at this rehab center close by us and isn’t allowed to leave but she can have visitors. Anyway she is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met and she is SO determined to get her life right again. We shared a message with her and she asked us to sing a hymn with her and you could just see in her face how happy it made her to feel the spirit. She has been so sad because she can’t come to church and our visit was her little taste of church. She has a goal to go to the temple and she has some habits she has to shake first. We are going to drop off the general conference ensign later this week because she never got to hear the talks and she doesn’t have much to do in there,poor thing. 

Have another good week and do something freaking crazy, love ya. deuces ✌ 

Sister Packer. 


Sister Wonder Woman
Sister Ninjormans

Jessica with ward members, Sister Boss and with her son, Ryan Boss.




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