Temple Trip this Week

Letter from April 20, 2016

“Yo, you can try an read these verse off my book before I lay ’em, But you won’t take this BOM, so listen as I say ’em. You can’t stop me from causin mayhem, cause when I read’em I convert ’em, I don’t give the devil time to think. I’m doing this for God so stop the world feedin beans, its gassed up. Imma convert who I set out to get and all those who look down on me I’m tearin down your balcony, No ifs ands or buts or asking why or how can we, From infinite baptisms to temple trips, we aren’t paid hourly and have no salary.  Our gift ain’t a curse. Its straight from heaven and for the whole universe.  Don’t be afraid. to take a chance. Everybody, come take this book. It can help you for forever.  Through life’s storms, whatever trial cold or warm, then ya know, your not alone. Holla if you want to feel his love in your life.”

That was some missionary fire for my lil bro, hope ya know I haven’t forgotten our Eminem rappin’. This week went by pretty fast. I’ve been keeping Jace in my prayers all week and so glad to hear he is doing better. Get outta the doctor’s office man! 

Aight so I have some REALLY FREAKING EXCITING NEWS. are you ready? there is an apostle coming to our mission in two weeks. and guess who is coming?! You are gonna be so jealous.   ELDER HOLLAND IS COMING TO THE ATM BABBBBYYYY!! I jumped out of my seat when I saw the email from Prez. We are all SO stoked up right now. 

Alright here are some fun facts about Arizona:  Cockroaches are huge and slightly terrifying.  It feels like a hot July day in the middle of April.  As a general rule about Arizona, if its not dead- it wants you dead. 

We went on our Temple trip this week Lovely experience that was. I learned what riding in the transfer van for 2 and a half hours is like with no movies or music.  We spent the whole time playing What are the Odds, Would you Rather, and deciding who would play what character in different movies. The temple was great though. We went to the one in the Gila Valley. Its pretty small. The session was awesome, as usual when you go to the temple. There is just no greater feeling than sitting in the temple and feeling so close to your Heavenly Father. I really felt his love for me as I went through this time and I kept thinking of the words to the primary song, I am a Child of God. Those words are so applicable to me! He sent me here, to a family kind and dear (thanks mom and dad!) and I still, now more than ever maybe, need him to lead me and guide me. I am just so grateful to have the knowledge that my heavenly father loves me no matter what I do. He will always have his arms open wide to all of us. 

Temple Trip to the Gila Valley Temple

This week we got a new investigator. Her name is Yo-. We didn’t get to chat long with her but she loves learning about Jesus Christ so she told us to come back. AWESOME:) Things are about the same with our Swahili family (thats what we call them because they all have a different last name, cultural thing) the problem is we don’t know how the daughter is explaining things to Elizabeth so we aren’t sure if anybody is understanding much. And we went over last night and Elizabeth was gone, but she went to church…. lol cool whatever church she went to! Come to our church dude! hahaha. 

This is Bryce from our little African Family.  He loves our car!

There is some good news about Alex. Despite the slow progress with him, we were able to set a baptism date! We were teaching the Plan of Salvation and talked about how our purpose on earth is to gain a body and gain experiences so we can become like our Heavenly Father. After we had gone through the whole plan we talked about how following the saviors example we can be with God again. We read 2 Nephi 31:5,10 and then invited him to be baptized and he said yes! Sweeeeet. we set a date for May 21st. We are hoping we can keep this date, but he still has a lot to learn and a couple things he will have to give up before we reach baptism. 

We found another potential this week. He goes by Doctor B. The APs were in our area, because they are YSA, and he found them and talked to them. So they told us that he was crazy but wanted to learn more and to talk to him. So we were a little weary going in cause they said he was crazy! Well, I think over the past two and a half months my definition of crazy has changed. He was a little different but not crazy. Our area is very interesting with some interesting people and I’m starting to wonder if I have gotten to the point where I have talked to enough crazy people it doesn’t even phase me anymore. 

Sister Smith hit her one year mark this past Friday. It was exciting. We had a little bonfire at the Anzak’s house and roasted starbursts, Elder Silverwood brought his guitar and sister Smith burnt her skirt! It was a fun little celebration! 

This is Tristan Anzak, one of our member families little boys.  We switched glasses!

I’ve been getting excited to see you all on Mothers Day, not gonna lie I am counting down on the calendar but trying not too. In the words of a wise old man- “All we have to do is decide what to do with the time given to us.” Thanks Gandalf. Peace out.

Love you all,  Sister Packer


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