What if Their Story Was Your Story?

Letter from April 4, 2016

YO fam!

It sounds like a busy busy week back home! Missin’ that Neilsen’s custard right now!  It has been a pretty good week here. Nothing too out of the ordinary happened.  Okay it’s kinda funny the new investigators we gained this week. There was a big push to help the refugees in conference. And I was wondering how I could help the refugees as a missionary… Well turns out this guy we contacted in the street about two weeks-ish ago is a refugee.  We have been trying to get in with them to teach he and his family and finally did!  And holy crap they are SOLID. Well mostly the mom, Elizabeth. She really loves us teaching her and wants her family to know about God. There is one hold up though- they speak Swahili…. And Kinyarwanda. No French or English. Except the older two kids, who have been translating for us. It’s been hard!  But we are seeing progress which we are really excited about. We’ve met with them about three times now. We gave them a Swahili Book of Mormon and guess what?! SHE READ THE FIRST CHAPTER!  I was so stoked.  So Tucson is actually the sixth in the country for where refugees have been sent.  Probably because the climate is so similar. But the push for helping them is a BIG thing out here. We are working with all the ward missionaries to figure out what more the ward can do too.  I loved the part in Women’s Conference when the speaker said, “what if their story was your story?”  This family we are teaching is an awesome family.  Mom, dad and five kids. What if that was my family? That’s what I kept thinking. SO GET INVOLVED GUYS. I’m not sure what the opportunities there are in IF to help right now but I know they are there:)

 I guess you could say I am getting more comfortable teaching lessons.  I feel really comfortable with the first lesson because of our March challenge to teach the restoration lesson once a day but also because we teach if the most. The third and fourth lessons I’m not comfortable with yet but I’ve learned  I can definitely rely on the Lord.  The hardest thing this week was probably not having much to do. We are still doing a ton of finding because we don’t have appointments and we’ve made some but a lot of the times they bail. (FYI that’s what happened at the park the other day)

 The most spiritual thing this week was probably when we had our extra zone meeting. So we had our zone conference and then the ZLs told us we were meeting Saturday night to go over the zone focus. And we were all thinking,  “seriously ANOTHER meeting”. But it ended up being really cool.  They had this fake fire set up and chairs and pillows all around it. We all sat around it like we were camping and then we all went around and gave a brief testimony of why we came out, that sorta thing. Then they talked about re-igniting our “greenies fire”. And then the fire in the middle changed to green😱 super cool.  So our zone focus for the month is to do something that puts you out of your comfort zone at least once everyday so we can stay as stoked about missionary work as we were when we first came out. I’m still a greenie… But I’m still excited for this challenge and to push myself!

Saturday we got to volunteer at the Special Olympics ALL DAY.  It was a lot of fun!  They are such sweet kids! We loved it, but Sister Smith got such a bad sunburn.  We did one exchange last transfer, but now we have a new sister training leader, so we might do more than that I’m not really sure!

In conference the talks that really stood out to me were Elder Stevenson’s about keys of the priesthood and Elder Holland’s.  Stevenson’s was just such a good analogy that I had never thought of before. Without the priesthood this church would not run smoothly and we would not be able to get to where we want to go. We NEED the priesthood power. It’s what makes all of the ordinances here on earth count and meaningful. There is one faith, one Lord, one baptism. And that ONE is the one with the priesthood (us!).  Holland’s talk just made me feel like I could handle the scary looking tomorrow. And it was comforting too to know that as long as I am trying and I have the desire to improve that is enough for my Heavenly Father!

Love you all, Sister Packer

Our apartment and a view from our road.


We were stood up in the park, so we played.  The other picture is of the senior office missionaries that we love dearly!

My poor companion Sister Smith had to have a hangnail removed.  She was incredibly calm throughout the procedure.



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